Stellaris Toxoids Guide – All New Origins, Traits, Civics, Ascension Perks

Splice, alter, and consume with these new Stellaris Toxoid Traits and Civics.

The new Stellaris Toxoids species pack is coming soon and with it come a whole lot of noxious, slime-filled features to change the way you play. Sure, there are some cool new portraits to choose from, but most players are really looking to add new playstyles to their repertoire via new features for development and conquest. The Toxoids Species Pack certainly has that with two new Origins, three new Civics, four new Traits, and a new Ascension Perk. That may not seem like much, but should you opt into those new Origins, these pesky, wet friends can play much differently than every other species available.

Toxoid Origins

There are two new Origins included in the Toxoids Species Pack: one of which we actually don’t know much about yet. The other is an interesting Origin where you can splice up to 13 new traits into your species at the cost of their total Lifespan.

Knights of the Toxic God

Centuries ago, this species’ homeworld was visited by a Toxic Entity. The ecological catastrophe that followed ruined half the world but allowed an early unification of the survivors in their reverence for the Toxic God. An order of knights has been created to search for the Toxic God, and although many things have changed, the quest continues.

We don’t have the full details on this Origin trait, but it does add some unique units and seems to involve resurrecting a powerful toxic colossus.

Perhaps to avoid spoilers regarding that toxic colossus, that’s all we know about that Origin. We’ve actually got a ton of info about this next Origin, though, so here are all the details.


Fulfill your splicing fantasies by improving your Toxoid species with new upgrades. All it will take is 10-30 years off of your Leader’s Lifespan.

  • Spliced Adaptability – A few genetic snips and slices here and there and they can survive nearly anywhere. The process comes with an acceptable number of deaths from side effects.
    • Leader Lifespan: -10 Years.
    • Habitability: +20%.
  • Juiced Power – Adrenaline released on demand and hyper-potent growth hormones have led to a massive increase in strength. Just ignore the occasional internal tearing.
    • Army Damage: +40%.
    • Leader Lifespan: -10 Years.
    • Worker Pop Resource Output: +5%.
    • Combat Damage: +40%.
  • Farm Appendages – The more appendages, the higher the farming output. Some appendages can even operate while their host is asleep. Rumors of hosts strangled by their new limbs have been deemed unfounded in our latest investigation.
    • Leader Lifespan: -10 Years.
    • Food from Jobs: +15%.
  • Dedicated Miner – Supreme hand-eye coordination, near endless endurance and self-purifying lungs have created entire crack teams of miners. Sadly they get brittle without sunlight.
    • Leader Lifespan: -10 Years.
    • Minerals from Jobs: +15%.
  • Technical Talent – Extra internal organs grant a vastly increased innate sensitivity to electricity and magnetic fields. Reports of recipients hearing screams and voices from the reactors should be ignored.
    • Leader Lifespan: -10 Years.
    • Energy from Jobs: +15%.
  • Crafted Smiles – Slightly shifted facial features, a mix of enhanced and slackened muscular development – and of course outside chemicals – have created the perfect smile. Forever.
    • Leader Lifespan: -10 Years.
    • Amenities from Jobs: +15%.
  • Low Maintenance – Reduced consumption, excretion, and rest rates have resulted in twice the beings for half the prices. However, demand for protein-rich meals has increased.
    • Leader Lifespan: -10 Years.
    • Pop Consumer Goods Upkeep: -10%.
  • Augmented Intelligence – More brains equal more brain power. Extra thinking organs have been added in strategic areas of the recipient’s body to ensure maximum cognitive capability. Even if they don’t always agree.
    • Leader Lifespan: -10 Years.
    • Physics Research: +10%.
    • Society Research: +10%.
    • Engineering Research: +10%.
  • Gene Mentorship – By combining genetically redesigned “instinctive knowledge” and outside chemical stimuli, we have succeeded in vastly accelerating our learning capabilities. Although it has resulted in some extremely paranoid individuals.
    • Leader Lifespan: -10 Years.
    • Leader Experience Gain: +25%.
  • Expressed Tradition – Fanaticism on demand: faith is merely a cocktail of hormones, one we have perfected. Where that faith eventually leads is a matter of subsequent guidance.
    • Leader Lifespan: -10 Years.
    • Unity from Jobs: +10%.
  • Elevated Synapses – As a computational device, a brain does not run at 100% capacity. However, we have gone beyond the standard usage. If issues are encountered, try turning it off and on again.
    • Leader Lifespan: -30 Years.
    • Leader Level Cap: +2.
    • Physics Research: +20%.
    • Society Research: +20%.
    • Engineering Research: +20%.
  • Pre-Planned Growth – Scheduled fertility, scheduled interest, scheduled compatibility. Population growth on demand for a strong and stable population – with a few minor edits here and there. Jealous individuals are to be directed to the nearest Fertility Center for mandatory training.
    • Leader Lifespan: -30 Years.
    • Pop Growth Speed: +30%.
    • Pop Housing Usage: -10%.
  • Excessive Endurance – The greatest in adaptability genes have been hyper-expressed in these specimens. Mutation rates around 30% indicate a somewhat stable and successful experiment.
    • Leader Lifespan: -30 Years.
    • Habitability: +30%.
    • Resources from Jobs: +5%.

Toxoid Traits

In total there are three new starting traits and one new Advanced Trait (which can’t be added to your species until later on in your Stellaris campaign).


When isolated or few in numbers, a species with this trait naturally adapts and is able to focus on procreation with an intentness others would consider extreme. However, when in large numbers, this effect is reversed, and they find reproduction more difficult.

Grants between +30% and -10% Pop Growth Speed, inversely proportional to the number of pops on the planet.

Inorganic Breath

The slightly toxic digestive methods of this species have resulted in a highly exotic breath composition.

Pop Upkeep: +50%. Each pop working as a slave or better produces 0.02 Exotic Gases per month.


Extremely unpleasant to be in the vicinity of, beings with this trait take vindication from being insufferable to everyone else.

  • Species Minimum Habitability: +30%.
  • Species Habitability Cap: -30%.
  • Army Damage: +50%.
  • Pop Housing Usage: +10%.
  • Happiness per noxious Pop: -0.01.
  • Happiness per non-noxious Pop: 0.02.
  • Defense Army Strength: +50%.

Exotic Metabolism (Advanced Trait)

A metabolism based on exotic – and expensive – gases has vastly enhanced this species’ abilities.

  • Cost: 1.
  • Pop Growth Speed: +25%.
  • Habitability: +25%.
  • Leader Lifespan: +50 Years.
  • Exotic Gas Upkeep: +0.125.

Toxoid Civics

While we have listed five new Civics below, the first three are all variations on the same one: Mutagenic Spas. They’re just adapted for hive minds and machine empires.

Mutagenic Spas

This civilization engages in ritualistic mutagenic bathing, with professional attendants overseeing the use of highly dangerous substances. This “invigorating” process may appall uninitiated onlookers.


  • Can build Mutagenic Spas.
  • Each Bath Attendant grants:
    • Pop Growth Speed: +1% per Industrial District.
    • Happiness: -0.5% per Industrial District.
    • Habitability: -0.5% per Industrial District.


  • Does NOT have Origin: Life-Seeded.

Permutation Pools

This hive mind utilizes mutagenic birthing pools, with specialized attendants overseeing the growth of newly spawned drones. This process is highly intrusive for the local environment.


  • Can build Mutagenic Permutation Pools.
  • Each Permutation Attendance Drone grants:
    • Biological Pop Assembly Speed: +1.5% per Industrial District.
    • Habitability: -0.75% per Industrial District.


  • Does NOT have Origin: Life-Seeded.

Hyper Lubrication Basin

This machine empire improved upon its basic drone-shell production through the vigorous application of highly aggressive lubrication agents, controlled by carefully programmed terminals. This “optimized” process relies on typically wasted byproducts from the industries that are now repurposed for maximal efficiency.


  • Can build Production Basins.
  • Each Lubrication Terminal grants:
    • Pop Assembly Speed: +1% per Industrial District.
    • Amenities Usage: +1% per Industrial District.


  • Does NOT have Origin: Life-Seeded.

Relentless Industrialists

To live is to exploit. This civilization is built around the principle of living life to the fullest, in the sense of squeezing the maximum profit from every last ounce of matter and membrane available for exploitation.


  • Can build Coordinated Fulfillment Centers, significantly increasing Alloy and Consumer Goods output at the cost of reduced Pop Growth and gradually turning planets into Tomb Worlds.


  • Is some degree of Materialist.
  • Does NOT have Environmentalist Civic.
  • Does NOT have Agrarian Idyll Civic.
  • Does NOT have Idyllic Bloom Civic.
  • Does NOT have Memorialists Civic.
  • Does NOT have Origin: Life-Seeded.


In this society, nothing goes to waste, even in the grimmest times of war: no enemy technology will go undiscovered, as teams of scrappers accompanying the war fleets scrape wreckages of anything and everything worth salvaging.


  • Researching Debris will grant both Research and a portion of other Resource Costs of the destroyed fleet.
  • Ships can be salvaged from some Debris.

New Ascension Perk

The one new Ascension Perk is all about transforming those Toxic Planets into habitable worlds. Be careful though, they comes with unique tile blockers.


Our newest advancements in terraforming allow us to breath new life into a class of planets formally considered irrevocably deadly and beyond salvation.


  • Enables terraforming of Toxic Planets into habitable worlds.