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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Best Suit Mods - Tier List

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has brought back suit mods! Between activity/tech tokens and unlocking different suits through side missions, you’ll gain access to several different ways to customize Miles’ suit to best fit how you play. Here’s our ranking of how each mod stacks up!

S Tier Suit Mods

Venom Momentum: “Every 6th hit in a combo applies Venom Stun to the enemy.” Combos are essential to Miles Morales’ gameplay, and this mod makes them even better by adding a Venom Stun. This is great for crowd control and ending fights more quickly.

Induction Mesh: “Generates a small amount of health per hit on Venom Stunned enemies.” This is another one that’s great for when you’re in a tight fix, as you can quickly rebuild health by smacking down enemies that are already stunned.

Venom Suppression Resistance: “Reduces the length of Roxxon Venom Suppression. Activate Camouflage to instantly remove Roxxon bolas.” Roxxon’s Venom Suppression sucks. Not only does it take away access to your Venom abilities, it also does damage over time. Being able to limit this resistance and have a quick way to escape Roxxon bonds owns.

Power Transfer: “Turn off Camouflage early to transfer a portion of the unused Camouflage Energy to Venom Power.” This mod is unlocked with the Spider-Training suit. Being able to convert unused Camouflage energy into Venom is great when you’ve done a stealth takedown and need to now deal with any other nearby enemies.

A Tier Suit Mods

Hidden Fury: “Melee attacks generate bonus Camouflage Time per hit.” With this mod equipped, it’s easier to switch between melee and stealth throughout encounters.

Steady Focus: “Slows the rate that Camouflage drains when not moving.” This mod is unlocked with the The End suit. If you’re looking to stay hidden for longer, this mod rules since it eats up less of your meter when you’re standing still.

Untouchable: “Attacks after a Perfect Dodge do 50 percent more damage for five seconds.” This one basically speaks for itself, but getting to add an extra wallop to your combos while dodging makes fights a lot easier so long as you’re paying attention to your timing.

Deep Pockets: “Increase all gadget ammo by one.” More gadget ammo means more combat options.

B Tier Suit Mods

Unbreakable: “Decreases damage from melee attacks by 25 percent.” This is definitely a solid one to have equipped at the start since it increases your life expectancy in brawls as you’re getting used to how Miles plays.

Zap Slap: “Creates a concussive force when Underground weapons are shattered.” Zap Slap is another good starter mod. If you can shatter Underground weapons, you’ll have the upperhand, though I found the above mods to be more useful later on.

Power Pitcher: “Increases the damage of thrown objects.” From the Homemade suit. If you like throwing stuff, it’s solid, especially in one of the early combat challenges.

Stronger Webs: “Enemies take longer to break out of webs.” This unlocks with the Animated suit. Webs, but stronger.

Meh Tier Suit Mods

Vibe the Verse: “Use this mod to leap into the Spider-Verse and cause the attached suit to mimic the aesthetic of a different Earth!” This is the other Spiderverse pre-order mod. Personally, I hate it. While it’s a really cool idea, the weird framerate stuff made me super motion sick. Would not recommend if that’s something you also deal with.

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