Soul Hackers 2 Soul Level Guide: How to Increase, What it Does

How to increase the Soul Hackers 2 Soul Level and how it works.

Soul Hackers 2 Soul Level is a central mechanic that intertwines with all main characters, involving the Soul Matrix, Hangout events, and more. Knowing exactly how to increase it, as well as its purpose both from a narrative and a gameplay standpoint will be key during your playthrough. Acting as the sequel to Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, this new story puts you in the sci-fi boots of Ringo and a band of Summoners dealing with their own pasts in a city on the brink of extinction. This guide explains how to increase your Soul Level and how it works throughout the game’s story.

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Soul Hackers 2 Soul Level – How to Increase Your Soul Level

If you’re thinking of Soul Level as Social Link ranks á la Persona games, you’re not that far off from the comparison. In practice, however, is much more streamlined, which may or may not sound like a disappointment.

In essence, Soul Level is used to access new floors in the Soul Matrix. As you progress through the story, you’ll gain access to the Soul Matrix, which is a series of dungeons divided among the three main characters that join Ringo — Arrow, Milady, and Saizo. Once you get to the exit of a floor, you may need to unlock the gate first, which requires an specific Soul Level. As such, if you want to explore the Soul Matrix in its entirety to learn more about the characters, farm some experience, or just explore around, you’re going to have to keep your Soul Level as high as possible.

There are two ways to increase your Soul Level in Soul Hackers 2:

  • Playing the main story is going to lead you to conversations where Ringo has to decide what she’s going to answer — each answer corresponds to one of the three characters, meaning that they’re going to gain a determinate number of levels if you choose them. In most cases, the exact amount is the same across all of the different answers — you only need to pick up which character you want to deliver the levels to
  • Hangout events are also a good way of increasing Soul Level with your party members, although the level numbers tend to be much lower here. Hangout events sprawl from playing the main story, but also for completing side quests or picking up items of interest that are given by demons during Demon Recon at random, so always make sure you’re talking to all of the demons in the dungeons before you leave to a different room or floor

Soul Hackers 2 Soul Level 1

That’s pretty much all you need to know! If you ask me, I’d recommend focusing on Arrow first and foremost, as there is a main story event that involves his specific path in the Soul Matrix. As for Milady and Saizo, it’s far more chill, so you can go ahead and take your time.