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Soul Hackers 2 Kaburagi Boss Guide: Weaknesses, How to Defeat

How to beat the Soul Hackers 2 Kaburagi boss encounter and all weaknesses.

Soul Hackers 2 Kaburagi is one of the boss encounters you’re going to find in your travels, presenting itself as the first big fight deep within the Central Line. Regardless of your level by the time you get to the showdown, it’s going to be a tough one to overcome if you don’t know what to expect. Acting as the sequel to Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, this new story puts you in the sci-fi boots of Ringo and a band of Summoners dealing with their own pasts in a city on the brink of extinction. This guide explains all of the weaknesses of Kaburagi and his companions, as well as tips on how to beat him without getting too many scratches.

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Soul Hackers 2 Kaburagi Boss Fight – Weaknesses List, How to Defeat

In order to get to Kaburagi, you first need to complete the Central Line dungeon, which involves walking through quite a few tunnels, looking for keys to unlock two doors, and meeting a ton of new demons along the way. Then, you’ll see the usual in-game message warning you about a tough encounter ahead.

Kaburagi is joined by two demons, one on each side: Kurama Tengu on the left, and Leanan Sidhe on the right. For starters, the weaknesses are as follows:

  • Kurama Tengu: Weak to Zio
  • Kaburagi: Weak to Zio and Bufu
  • Leanan Sidhe: Weak to Agi

In terms of resistances, don’t bother using skills such as Poisma or Sleep, as they won’t work. You can get away with physical attacks and range attacks with all three of them, but don’t expect to deal a ton of damage. Also, yes, Kaburagi can summon the demons again after a few turns once you take them down.

Soul Hackers 2 Kaburagi Boss 2

Broadly speaking, here’s what to expect in terms of attacks from them:

  • Kurama Tengu: Mainly physical and Force attacks
  • Kaburagi: He has a plethora of attacks, although they’re mainly physical/range attacks. That being said, he will sometimes charge up a powerful attack, and can also add himself an extra turn, and get rid of any debuffs you’ve given to either him or the demons, which means you’ll have to keep an eye out for that moment to inflict it again
  • Leanan Sidhe: Mainly Sleep attacks, such as Lullaby, so make sure that the party has some sort of resistance. Or in other case, either an item or a skill that can get rid of the debuff. Sidhe can also use Media to heal the party, which is annoying, as well as provide Kaburagi with a shield that prevents you from striking his weaknesses

Soul Hackers 2 Kaburagi Boss 4

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while fighting Kaburagi and company:

  • Focus on Leanan Sidhe: The fact that she can use Media can throw your strategies out of the window, and basically make it so you’ve just lost a turn of attacking the party if she manages to heal all three of them. Also, the shield that protects Kaburagi from attacks to his weaknesses is extremely annoying, so that’s another reason to focus fire (quite literally as that’s her weakness) on her. Kaburagi will summon her again, but it’s worth doing so anyway
  • Pick demons that are resistant to Force and Sleep attacks: These two attacks are the main thing that the demons are going to throw at you, so make sure that none of your party members are weak to them. This also counts for Physical attacks
  • Jack Frost and Qing Long are great options for your party: By this point it’s more than likely that you’ve already crossed paths with these demons. Depending on where you are with them, Jack Frost should have Mabufu, while Qing Long should have Mazio. Regardless of your combinations, I recommend having two party members with Bufu to focus on Kaburagi, one with Mazio to target Kaburagi and Kurama Tengu at once, and one with Agi to focus on Leanan Sidhe. That will also guarantee a 4-stack Sabbath in most turns
  • Beware of the charge attack: Once you see the warning that Kaburagi is preparing for an attack, I recommend putting everyone in defense mode during their turn. But if you can’t, at least make sure that everyone is healed up, as the next enemy turn automatically unleashes the attack
  • Have someone with Media, please: This is going to make the fight so much easier, as you want to be focusing on weaknesses as much as possible

Your rewards are 45,000 yen, around 1,000 XP, Femme’s Ring, Genma Fan, Witch’s Mark, and Totem Memory in varying amounts. Best of luck!

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