Smash Ultimate Ness Guide – Moves, Outfits, Strengths, Weaknesses

Smash Ultimate doesn’t just bring entirely new content into the mix. A few of its fighters have been around since the very beginning of the series. Although most of the returning characters include some major changes to their overall power levels.

Smash Ultimate sports 74 different playable characters at launch — including every single previous character from the super-franchise and a bunch of fresh faces. That’s not even including the glut of DLC fighters, assist trophies, and more. There’s so much that no one person could possibly keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide to every single character.

Today we’re talking about Ness, one of the original Super Smash Bros. fighters, and quite the tricky character to control. Ness received massive buffs to nearly every one of his attributes in Smash Ultimate. So you might want to give this pint-sized hero a try, if you’ve shied away from his tricky air recovery before!

According to Nintendo description of Ness…

Ness has a variety of moves, from long-range attacks using psychic powers known as “PSI,” to short-range attacks with his bat and yo-yo. Ness can also unleash PK Thunder, a guided attack that can launch him like a rocket or help him recover!

Ness Moves

PK Flash (B) – Blasts opponents with electrical energy after reaching full charge. Can be used before full charge for a weaker attack.

PK Fire (Side + B) – Shoots light out straight ahead or diagonally while airborne. Bursts into a pillar of flame if it hits someone.

Ness Move Set

PK Thunder (Up + B) – Fire a steerable ball of lightning. Sends Ness flying if he hits himself.

PSI Magnet (Down + B) – Absorbs energy-based projectiles and weak explosions to heal damage.

PK Starstorm (Final Smash) – With the help of Paula and Poo, Ness calls down a shower of meteors that damage any foes they hit. The meteors fall faster as time passes. The meteors’ trajectory can be adjusted slightly with left or right input.

Strengths & Weaknesses


The psychic wunderkind is back and formidable, with some beefier attacks and improved zoning abilities. Ness likes to pester you with different zoning tools — hovering and waiting for a chance to slam you offstage with a bat or yo-yo.


As always, Ness’s most vital tool is PK Thunder, so mastering the best way to send yourself flying cross-stage will make the biggest difference. Being offstage is a scramble moment for an unconfident Ness, struggling to direct your manual thunderbolt back into your own body. If you’re looking to frustrate that one friend who mains Ness (we all have one), don’t let off the pressure on the ledge or in the air.

Ness Outfits

Ness is a nice lad. He has a variety of outfits which reflect that pleasant smile on his face.

Four of his outfits are just palette swaps, however. The remaining four change his shirts design and colors.

Ness Default

Ness Purple Ness Black Ness Aqua Ness Blue Ness White Ness Yellow Ness Green

That’s all we’ve got to say about this psychic powerhouse for now! Be sure to check back in the future if there are any major changes to this character. You never know when a well-timed patch might completely tip the scales in a single character’s favor.

All of our Smash Ultimate guides created with the help of Eric Van Allen.