Smash Ultimate Mii Fighter Guide – Moves, Outfits, Strengths, Weaknesses

Sure, Smash Ultimate. Why not? If we can have custom characters like Robin and the Pokemon Trainer in this massive crossover series, why not a Mii or three? The somewhat dead-eyed characters come with the same level of customization you’d expect, too. They’re technically three fighters in one, in that you can select between the Gunner, Brawler, and Swordfighter classes. This alters a few key points about they Mii Fighter. Although they’re not quite as distinct from one another as the rest of the massive cast in this game.

Smash Ultimate sports 74 different playable characters at launch — including every single previous character from the super-franchise and a bunch of fresh faces. That’s not even including the glut of DLC fighters, assist trophies, and more. There’s so much that no one person could possibly keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide to every single character.

The Mii Fighter isn’t really a character from Nintendo’s past as it is a custom avatar. It’s certainly a strange addition to the Smash Ultimate roster. Although it’s by no means the most bizarre. The Mii’s do have have a history as playable combatants in games like Find Mii for the Nintendo 3DS.

According to the Nintendo description of the Mii Fighter(s)…

You can choose from the three types of Mii Fighter and select from a set of three specials for each type. You can also choose one of 12 voice options!

Mii Fighter Moves

Mii Fighter is a bit different in that you get to choose your own specials in each category.


Mii Fighter Brawler Mii Fighter Brawler Side Special Mii Fighter Up Special Mii Fighter Down Special


Mii Fighter Sword Special Mii Fighter Sword Side Special Mii Fighter Sword Up Special Mii Fighter Sword Down Special


Mii Fighter Caster Special Mii Fighter Caster Side Special Mii Fighter Caster Up Special Mii Fighter Caster Down Special

Strengths & Weaknesses

The myriad Mii Fighters each pack their own strengths and weaknesses, which can depend on your loadout and chosen specialty. So we’ll split them into the three categories: Gunner, Brawler, Swordfighter.

The Gunner focuses on zoning and projectiles to do damage. Low mobility and a lack of real knockout potential hinder Gunner. So do tournament rules that often limit the use of Custom Moves in favor of the default loadout.

Brawler likes close combat and can get in your face, but suffers from bad recovery and a lack of real long-range options. Gap-closing can sometimes be an issue, and again, Custom Moves are often banned in certain settings.

Swordfighter is the most potent of the bunch this time around, with some powerful moves and good options at all ranges. Of all the Mii Fighters to watch, Swordfighter is likely the one to watch. Although the Custom Move rules may limit them, this is still not a terrible pickup for casual play with your friends. They can even hold their own against main roster fighters in the right hands.

Mii Fighter Outfits

They’re… you know, Miis. That means they don’t have a ton of depth or detail in their character design. In a way, that might have freed Nintendo up to provide more differences in these characters’ different costumes.

You get to pick from various headgear and outfits!

Mii Fighters Hats Mii Fighter Outfits

And that’s all for now! The Mii Fighter isn’t the most distinctive battler in Smash Ultimate, but they do certainly have their own kind of charm. Maybe that will be enough to draw you to this strange addition to the Smash Ultimate roster.

All of our Smash Ultimate guides created with the help of Eric Van Allen.