Sea of Thieves Secret of the Grave & Headless Monkey Journal Locations

Sea of Thieves is getting its biggest and most exciting update yet. Tied in with Season 3, the new “A Pirate’s Life” update will see this swashbuckling world cross swords with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. Not only will this season revolve around a brand new storyline, but it will introduce a host of changes to the game’s world. Along with new story content, players can complete challenges tied to the new Tall Tales. Finishing all of these will unlock new cosmetics for your pirate, so it’s definitely worth beating as many as possible. One of the most devious commendations is the Secret of the Grave. Easily missed, here’s how to raise the stone bridge and complete this side quest.

Secret of the Grave Commendation

The Secret of the Grave Commendation is only completable when you have access to the lighthouse and need to ignite the braziers to summon the ferryman. Before you do all that, you will also need to complete the Poor Dougie questline to unlock the ship by the pully elevator. We already have a guide detailing every step and item you’ll need for this, so make sure to do this quest first. It won’t take long since I show all the item locations.

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Once you’ve unlocked the ship approach the pullies that control the sails. This is along the front right side of the boat and will turn both sails when pulled. Keep moving them until they are facing the front of the wrecked ship. This will expose a metal brazier along the cliffside that you can ignite with the lighthouse. Now make your way all the way to the top of the lighthouse and ignite the fire with your lantern. You can now maneuver the lighthouse’s beam with the two wheels on either side.

Sea of Thieves Secret of the Grave

Ignore the ones by the sea for now and turn the lighthouse’ beam almost 180 degrees. Upon facing the broken, previously locked ship with the green beam of light, use the wheel on the left to lower it as much as possible. Now drag the light across the brazier by the sails you moved to ignite it. This will raise the bridge back by the Sailor’s Grave entrance. Leave the lighthouse, head towards the raised stone bridge (shown above), and follow the path until you reached the wrecked ship. This will complete the Secret of the Grave Commendation.

Headless Monkey’s Captain’s Journal Locations

Now that you’re here, you might as well collect the five Headless Monkey journals lying around! Thankfully, these are way easier to find than the Sailor’s Grave journals. The first one will be right by the lantern near the broken mast in the center of the ship. From here, head up the stairs towards the wheel to find the second journal resting on the upright portion of the mast that’s broken in half. Behind the wheel, you will find the third journal along with the key to the Headless Monkey’s captain’s quarters.

Go along the right side of the Headless Monkey to find a small walkway and a door. Use the key to unlock the door and you’ll see books number four and five in the back left corner. I won’t spoil the contents, but grabbing all these should complete this commendation for you!