Sea of Thieves Heart of a Thief Guide – Dead Man’s Chest Key Location

Sea of Thieves is getting its biggest and most exciting update yet. Tied in with Season 3, the new “A Pirate’s Life” update will see this swashbuckling world cross swords with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. Not only will this season revolve around a brand new storyline, but it will introduce a host of changes to the game’s world. Along with new story content, players can complete challenges tied to the new Tall Tales. Finishing all of these will unlock new cosmetics for your pirate, so it’s definitely worth beating as many as possible. One Commendation that’s easily missable is Heart of a Thief, which requires you to open the Dead Man’s Chest.

Dead Man’s Chest Key Location

You won’t be able to obtain them commendation until you reach the end of the Tall Tale. After completing a variety of puzzles you will eventually find a large room with a big meeting table. This will be right after you learn who Davy Jones has aligned himself with. If you listened to the entire conversation between Jones and his court, you’ll earn the Dark Desires commendation so make sure to stay in the hallway for now! Once this meeting is over, head into the room and you’ll see the Dead Man’s Chest on the left by the throne.

Sea of Thieves Heart of a Thief

Ignore this for now and approach the chest for now and approach the pattern puzzle on the left. You will see five turnstiles that you can rotate to show different symbols. These have to be in a specific order to lower the stone slab and reveal the Dead Man’s Chest Key. From left to right, the symbol order you want is Shark, Mermaid, Trident, Three Dots, Ship. Inputting this will cause the slab to lower, exposing the key. Now grab the key and bring it to the chest by the throne. Opening the chest will reveal a note, which you’ll need to pick up to earn the Heart of the Thief commendation.

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As for the note itself, you can find its contents at the very end of your Tall Tale journal. There are also two journals in this room which you’ll need for another commendation. These can be found leaning on a chair by the meeting table and in the hallway you came from by the blue coral. This is the last of the secret commendations in this room, so don’t worry about missing anything beyond this point. You will be in a big fight next, so be prepared to battle a ton of Ocean Crawlers and a special, returning foe.