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Ring of Elysium Landing Guide: The Best Starting Areas For Dione

Your success in Ring of Elysium can very much depend on where you drop into the game. That means choosing a starting position can be a bit tricky. If you hope to be anything like an important asset to your team, you’ll have to pay attention to what you choose as your starting point.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide. It compiles some of the best Ring of Elysium drop spots —  depending on what type of terrain you’re looking for and the gear you plan to use.  You’ll be an expert at determining the best drop zone for each match in no time after we run down these special areas! Just make sure you’re always properly kitted out for the occasion.

For the original Ring of Elysium map, Dione, you’re trapped in a devastating blizzard with snowy mountaintops and peaks. It’s white as far as the eye can see. You’re relegated to playing through Dione as a limited-time mode with Squads only for several two-hour windows per day, but it’s still available should you choose to hop in – here are some of the best places to conquer the snowstorm.

Ring of Elysium Dione Drop

Fort Tyrfing, High Supplies

It’s always much easier to succeed when you’re able to pick up gear as soon as possible. Fort Tyrfing will let you do just that! Look at the top right of the map and high-tail it there. You’ll need to grab a vehicle quickly, so you don’t get eliminated before you even begin, but this can be an extremely valuable place to grab supplies and get outfitted with goodies before tackling the snowy landscape. Make sure you grab your stuff and get out, though. Otherwise you’re in for a pretty frustrating situation as the storm rolls through.

Ring of Elysium Dione Drop

Cedar Forest, a Relaxing Stop

The Cedar Forest area is also home to the Moose Woods Sawmill nearby. Both are great locations to scavenge items. They’re typically quite empty, too, so if you’re looking for a way to escape the rat race for a few shining moments, this is the perfect drop zone for you. It’s also easy to escape as soon as you notice the place starting to liven up. You can then make your way to other nearby areas like Skadi City. Cedar Forest is a nice, low-pressure area that newbies will likely gravitate toward for this reason. Just don’t linger too long, or you’ll be sorry.

Ring of Elysium Dione Drop

Valley Town, Lots of Options

Valley Town is exactly what it sounds like: a quiet little town you can expect to see quite empty most of the time. It’s placed opposite from Sigel Castle, and it’s centrally located on the map. If you begin the game with no real idea of where you want to go from there, it’s a great starting point. That’s because it’s just about the same distance to anywhere you choose to trek.

Think of Valley Town as a small, idyllic haven in the middle of chaos, but don’t linger there too long. It’ll inevitably attract others looking for the same type of shelter as you. You’ll eventually find yourself out of the match after being picked off as an easy kill. Don’t let your guard down, even if you think it’s safe.

Ring of Elysium Dione Drop

Dione Police Station, One Stop Shopping

Come on. It’s a police station. What do they have there aside from cells and paperwork? That’s right – supplies and guns. Not only that, but there are usually vehicles directly outside. They’ll be ripe for the taking if you drop right next to the building and start from there. You can stock up in the station and high-tail it to a safer location that’s more out of the way. Just remember – it’s to protect and serve… yourself. Get all the gear you can here and get out of Dodge!

Ring of Elysium Dione Drop

Sigel Castle, Regal Weaponry

Despite its larger-than-life name, this is actually quite a small area. Although that means you’ll probably have to go in guns blazing. But it’s worth the risk, since there are typically some excellent rewards to be found here. Give this a shot if you like quick look and fighting around tight spaces.

Ring of Elysium Dione Drop

Wagner City, Tons of Variety

Wagner City is a larger urban sprawl with plenty of buildings to check for loot. Chances are, with all the different places to hit up here, you’ll find something of use. It’s also a prime breeding ground for snipers and campers… So keep that in mind when scouting for goodies. Otherwise, if you can hit it early and be quick, you can have a potentially empty shopping mall of sorts for items before the rest of the crowds come running.

Ring of Elysium Dione Drop

Anywhere… If You’re Determined Enough

More advanced players will eventually get to a point where they can drop just about anywhere and come out smelling like roses. This all comes down to the type of snow gear you’re quipped with.

Utilize rock-climbing gear to access typically out-of-reach areas on snowy mountaintops and get out of harm’s way. Hop on a snowboard to make a quick escape while zipping throw snowy banks. Being smart about the gear you pack will help you rise above the competition — even when you can’t (or don’t want to) drop into a special area you’re familiar with. This is where practice comes in. Eventually you’ll be able to come out on top no matter which Ring of Elysium drop spot you choose!

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