Resident Evil 2 G Guide: How to Beat the Third Boss Fight – G (Phase 3)

We’ve beaten him twice already, but you know what they say – the third time’s the charm so stick with us as we take you through our guide on how to beat the G (Phase Three) boss fight in Resident Evil 2.

G, otherwise known as William Birkin, will launch his attack after you’ve collected either the G-Virus or the cure, depending on which character you’re playing as. He’ll drop through the roof as you make your way back across the Bioreactors Room, looking to start the ruckus once again. This rematch is cut short by Annette Birkin, who shoots G with an acid round, seemingly defeating him. After a bit of back-and-forth exposition between Annette and your character, G recovers… and hurls Annette to the edge of the room.

What happens next depends on if you’re playing as Leon or Claire, but the end result is the same. In Leon’s case, Annette lowers the bridge and forces you to fight G, while Claire makes the badass decision to fight him herself, letting Annette go to Sherry’s aid. Claire is an absolute boss.

Resident Evil 2 Third Boss Fight

How to Beat G (Phase 3) Boss Fight in Resident Evil 2

Once the bridge lowers, you’re stuck in the lower section of the Bioreactors Room with G (Phase Three). He’s bigger, badder, and covered in even more gross, giant eyeballs than before.

G’s attack style involves walking towards you menacingly, hoping to bring those nasty claws to bear, so keep your distance. He’ll swing wildly at you when he gets within striking range, unleashing a flurry of blows, so don’t stop running even if you dodge the first swing.

Resident Evil 2 Third Boss Fight

His weak point is about as obvious as they come, though: the massive eyeballs littered across his mutated body. Destroying these is the goal of the fight. So just shoot them whenever you get the chance. Claire actually has a well-deserved advantage here, because G absolutely hates being shot with Acid Rounds from the grenade launcher (I know, what a baby). Shooting him with these bad boys will stagger him, giving you a chance to go to town on the eyes. Once you pop the two eyeballs on his front, G will wander off and pick up a canister to throw at you. This is your chance to shoot the eyeball on his back.

Resident Evil 2 Third Boss Fight

If you fail to shoot his rear eyeball in time, G will throw the canister at you, which hurts quite a bit. It’s possible to dodge the canister, but, honestly, just don’t give him the chance to throw it in the first place. Once all his eyes are gone, G will drop to his knees. A huge cluster of eyeballs will then open up on his chest (this guy is all about eyeballs). Unload everything you’ve got into his eyes until he regains his composure.

Resident Evil 2 Third Boss Fight

Now it’s time to rinse and repeat until G starts to emit some kind of steam or… zombie gas? I’m not sure what’s going on here, from a biological standpoint, but this is the telegraph for a massive attack.

Resident Evil 2 Third Boss Fight

G will wander to the end of the arena and rip down a huge column from the wall, dropping it across the center of the room. Stick to the side paths where the ammo and supplies are, however, and you’ll be fine. His hideous chest eyeballs will now be on full display; unload into him one last time until he drops for good.

That’s it! That’s the end of G (Phase Three). You’ve defeated the big bad of Resident Evil 2 for the final time… Assuming you’re playing as Leon. Claire actually has one more run in with the winner of 1998’s Worst Father of the Year award, but we’ll get to that later. For now, just savor your victory.