PUBG Mobile Guide: How to Get the Arcane Skins

Punch first. Ask (PUBG Mobile Arcane skin) questions while punching.

Playing PUBG Mobile is one thing, but navigating its menus, windows, and ever-growing list of terms and acronyms can be a serious barrier to entry for some players. The latest content collaboration — with Netflix series Arcane — is the latest in a long line of mashups to get a little lost in the rabble. So if you’re yet to obtain these impressive skins and worry you may never figure out how by the time they’re gone for good, just keep reading. We’ll break it down.

Arcane is a recently released animated series set in Runeterra. That’s the fictional world of League of Legends: one of the biggest multiplayer games around. By teaming up with Tencent and PUBG Mobile, skins and the Mirror World mode based on the show have made it into the technically ever more popular mobile battle royale game. Until the end of the collaboration, PUBG Mobile players are able to transform their characters into those featured in the Arcane show and the League of Legends game: The brawler Vi, the gunner Jinx, Jayce the hammer bro, and the Unyielding Land Molotov Cocktail. Ok, that last one isn’t a skin, but it’s still something you can permanently unlock in the same way.

The PUBG Mobile Island Discovery event houses some special Arcane skin rewards.

How Do I Get the PUBG Mobile Arcane Skins?

You probably know by now that the Mirror World mode spliced into the base Erangel map offers you the chance to play as one of the Arcane characters, unlocking a few of their signature skills to do battle with others. But did you know you can don their skins even outside of this mode? Tie-in events are littered in the various nooks and crannies of the PUBG Mobile lobby screen, and there’s one that can be used to unlock some impressive PUBG Mobile Arcane skins.

Known as the Island Discovery event, which you’ll find parading around the top-right banner carousel, this multi-map screen isn’t unlike those used in many previous PUBG Mobile collaborations. And the aim is simple: play enough Classic Mode matches to accumulate the Exploration Points needed to move from the starting space all the way to the final one on page five. It’ll take some time—time you won’t have if you’ve spent the event playing Arcade and EvoGround matches — but with rewards at virtually every space on the illustrative map, you’ll come out with something regardless of when you make a start on it. And if you can’t make it, you can always buy your way to the end using UC. But you’re going to need a lot of that soon.

The Island Discovery map is made up of worlds and stages not unlike a Mario game, with the order of the worlds as follows: The Last Drop, Zeppelin Harbor, Hexgate, Opera House, Academy. Each world has eight stages, so Hexgate Stage 3 would be 3-3. Collect enough Exploration Points and you’ll be able to unlock your way through the whole thing. Here’s where each of the three PUBG Mobile Arcane skins unlocks.

  • Jayce Skin
    • The Last Drop 1-1
  • Vi Skin
    • Hexgate 3-2
  • Jinx Skin
    • Academy 5-5

How Do I Get the Caitlyn Skin in PUBG Mobile?

The PUBG Mobile Caitlyn skin (or “suit” to be correct) isn’t unlocked by reaching any one world or stage on the Island Discovery board. Instead, you need to rely on a bit of luck when you reach the very end. After acquiring enough Exploration Points to make it to Academy 5-7, unlocking the “Vi – Righteous Smash” emote in the process, any extra points you earn until the end of the event can be used to roll in an exclusive gacha crate.

The Caitlyn Suit is the main allure here, but things like the Jinx AKM, Poro, stickers, silver, and some simple parachute trails can get in the way of the prize. The good news is that the Caitlyn Suit is permanent right out the gate, meaning you won’t have to bother with this next step if it’s the only PUBG Mobile x Arcane skin you’re after.

You can unlock the PUBG Mobile Arcane skins without getting them through the Island Discovery game.

How Do I Get Permanent PUBG Mobile Arcane Skins?

Once you’ve acquired your preferred PUBG Mobile Arcane skin from the Island Discovery event, you’re probably going to want to make it a permanent addition to your collection. They’re some of the most high-quality skins out there due to their faithful art style. Odds are they’ll stand out in the sea of other PUBG Mobile skins.

To get permanent PUBG Mobile Arcane skins, you need to open up your wallet. Wide. The cost depends on the skins you have, but it can get expensive. Luckily, it’s a fixed price and a one-time purchase, so there’s no relying on Lady Luck to bring home the goods. All you need to do is tap the Upgrade Reward button on the bottom-left of the Island Discovery page. There, you’ll see three tiers: Normal, Advanced, and Supreme.

Take a look at the items in each: they’re the ones that will be made permanent if you spend the UC stated below the lot. So if you only want the Jayce skin, which is in the Normal tier, it’ll only cost you 300 UC. The crossed-out higher amount denotes how much it would cost to unlock each item in there separately. If it’s the PUBG Mobile Vi skin you want, then you’d move up to the Advanced tier, then the Supreme tier for Jinx.

Each tier includes the items in the tier below, so work out what you want to keep before you pull the trigger. And if you don’t care for any of the weapon skins, you can tap the Choose Upgrade button to only pay for the items you want to make permanent. For that, the skin prices are below:

  • Jinx = 3000 UC
  • Vi = 1500 UC
  • Jayce = 1200 UC

Once you commit to throwing down the case, the corresponding PUBG Mobile Arcane skin will become a permanent addition to your in-game wardrobe. You can actually pay to unlock the skin this way before you’ve even unlocked it through the Island Discovery event, too. It’s up to you!

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