Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 VHS Tapes Guide – All VHS Locations

My videotape.

The unnerving Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is amongst us, and with it comes not only jumpscares to scream at, but also collectibles scattered throughout the levels. This guide dives into all the Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 VHS tapes and their specific locations.

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 VHS Tapes – All Locations

VHS Tape #1 – Elliot Ludwig Biography

After you grab the key from the opposite side of the first cutout in the game, you’ll be able to enter Elliot Ludwig’s office. Once inside, go ahead and pick the VHS tape from the table. Just get close to it and press the ‘E’ key. It will be added to your inventory afterward.

VHS Tape #2 – Green Hand Tutorial

After using the lever in the Game Station, you’ll be granted access to Muscle Memory. Moving throughout the area until you fall down through the hole in the ground. Then, use the lever to light up the Holding Room. The VHS tape is on the command panel next to the blinking button.

VHS Tape #3 – Rich Avery

Inside the storage room after the Muscle Memory minigame, you can find a VHS tape stuck in a staircase. For reference, hop on the main platform looking at the aisles — the staircase is on the right aisle. It’s a bit dark, but you’ll notice the green silhouette around the tape. Go ahead and pick it up.

VHS Tape #4 – Marcus Brickley

After you go through the minecart section, you’re going to stumble upon a blue TV. Keep an eye out for the VHS tape on the floor right next to it.

VHS Tape #5 – Jimmy Roth

In the Water Treatment area, go ahead and push the left button followed by the right button on the panel. This is going to line up the main bridge right in front of you. Hop on it and you’re going to notice the VHS tape sitting on the other end. Use your left hand to grab it.

VHS Tape #6 – Big Spider/Management

After you scanned the toy in the Water Treatment area, you’re going to go through vents until you stumble upon a puzzle room with a red light around the room. Once there, use the left hand to grab electricity from the panel on the wall, and get the cord around both of the devices there to activate them.

Once you do this, the panel on the right that has the googly eyes is going to open, but it won’t let you access the panel inside. Now, the trick is that once you let go of the electrical panel with your left hand, the googly eye panel is going to fully open for a brief time.

Get close to it and you’re going to notice a VHS tape on the bottom left corner. Repeat the process, let go, and grab the tape once it’s fully opened.

VHS Tape #7 – Scientist/Experiment 1-0-0-6

After you’ve taken down Mommy Long Legs, go all the way up Bay 6. Once you take a U-turn across some brick walls, head up the staircase to find another VHS tape on the ground.

Congrats on finding all Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 VHS tapes!