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Persona 5 Royal Makoto Confidant Guide - Best Confidant Answers for Priestess Persona

Makoto Niijima is the student council president at Shujin Academy and the first person to figure out who the Phantom Thieves really are in Persona 5 Royal. The sister to the investigator assigned to the Phantom Thieves, Makoto will join your party during the third Palace infiltration. However, to even unlock Makoto as a Confidant you’ll need to have Rank 3 Knowledge and have completed the third Palace. If you’ve been diligent about answering all the crossword puzzles, classroom questions, and studying you should already have this stat at this level.

Once you met both requirements, you can find Makoto outside of the Student Council Office inside the school. If she’s not there, go check by the school gates as she sometimes hangs out around there. After unlocking her as a Confidant, she will frequently call you to hang out.

Note: In addition, this guide assumes you always hang out with Makoto with a Priestess Persona in your inventory. This will give you bonus points with her every time you talk and spend time together. You can learn all about that (plus a lot more) in our Persona 5 Royal tips guide. For now, let’s take a look at the best dialogue choices for Makoto.

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In this guide we will list the most “impactful” choices during each Confidant meeting. While there are other options, these are the dialogue lines that net the most amount of points towards your Confidant. Keep in mind, there are a few moments where you’ll be awarded no points or the same amount of points regardless of what you pick. We will label these sections as “Doesn’t matter,” if this is the case.

Note: “Phone call at Leblanc” means just that — as a reminder that these choices always still matter.

Makoto Conversation 1, Rank 0 → 1 (Knowledge 3)

This only unlocked once you finish the third Palace and if you have Knowledge Rank 3. You’ll go on an outing with her to the arcade, where she will become your Confidant.

  1. Phone call at Leblanc: The red-light district next

Makoto Conversation 2, Rank 1 → 2

  1. You’re very well informed.
  2. That was dangerous.
  3. Doesn’t matter.
  4. Phone call at Leblanc: Couldn’t agree more.

Makoto Conversation 3, Rank 2 → 3

  1. You have the wrong idea.
  2. You can change.
  3. Phone call at Leblanc: Sounds like you two get along.

Makoto Conversation 4, Rank 3 → 4

  1. That’s unlike you.
  2. Doesn’t matter
  3. Doesn’t matter
  4. Why do you use it?
  5. It’s an amazing goal.

Makoto Conversation 5, Rank 4 → 5

  1. He sounds suspicious.
  2. I got this.
  3. Phone call at Leblanc: Try to reach out to her.

Makoto Conversation 6, Rank 5 → 6 (Max Charm Required)

  1. Love comes in many forms.
  2. Doesn’t matter
  3. Doesn’t matter
  4. Phone call at Leblanc: Tell him you’re on a date.

Makoto Conversation 7, Rank 6 → 7

  1. Doesn’t matter
  2. Doesn’t matter
  3. Doesn’t matter
  4. That’s a horrible story.
  5. Doesn’t matter
  6. Doesn’t matter
  7. I’m game if you are.
  8. Phone call at Leblanc: Of course.. or It’s the role I always hoped for.

Makoto Conversation 8, Rank 7 → 8

  1. He says that to all his girls. or That’s how he ropes you in.
  2. Absolutely.

Makoto Conversation 9, Rank 8 → 9

  1. Doesn’t matter
  2. Doesn’t matter
  3. That was the right move.
  4. I’m a regular here. or It’s a popular meeting spot.
  5. You’ll find someone someday. or I’ll be your study partner. (ROMANCE)
  6. I do. (ROMANCE)  or That’s not what I meant.
  7. Phone call at Leblanc: I’d do anything for you. or No big deal.

Makoto Conversation 10, Rank 9 → 10 (Romance Required)

  1. That’s incredible.
  2. Are you stressing over exams?
  3. That sounds difficult.
  4. What an admirable goal. or Your father would be proud.
  5. Just be careful, OK?
  6. Doesn’t matter

Now get out there and steal some hearts!

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