Nightwave Weekly Warframe Guide – The Silver Grove, Apothic Plants

Tackle the Silver Grove Specters for your weekly Nightwave challenges.

This week in Warframe Nightwave challenges brings with it a lot of farming. Specifically, it’s time to hunt the Silver Grove Specters (if you haven’t already). Players who haven’t completed “The Silver Grove” quest can run through it to complete the challenge and earn Titania in the processes. Be aware of the day/night time gating for scanning and building Apothics with plants, though! This one is kind of a pain…

Nightmare missions have various modifiers so be aware of those when determining what loadouts you bring with you.

Nightwave Weekly Challenges (4,500 Standing each)

 Cache Hunter: Find all caches in 3 Sabotage missions 

Sabotage caches make a high-pitched ringing noise and are usually found in dead ends throughout each map. Turning up your sound effect volume will help you find them!

Earth Bounty Hunter: Complete 5 different Bounties in the Plains of Eidolon

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just… hit those bounties! You can complete the easiest one over and over for a fast clear.

Good Friend: Help Clem with his weekly mission 

Clem’s weekly missions can be accessed by speaking to Darvo in any community Relay. No need to worry — these missions are fairly easy!

 Sanctuary Researcher: Complete 5 Scans for Cephalon Simaris 

Players can only complete one scan mission a day, but partying up with other players will allow for their scans to be counted towards your total. You can also accept these missions from a console next to Cephalon Simaris. There are 10 unique scan missions in total. These can only be completed once per account, and offer no Standing, but they do count for Nightwave missions.

Unlock Relics: Unlock 3 Relics

Exterminate and Capture missions are the fastest for cracking Relics. Lith rarity Relics also tend to be the easiest.

Nightwave Elite Weekly Challenges (7,000 Standing each)

Grove Guardian: Kill 3 Silver Grove Specters 

This is the tough one. Players need to be Master Rank 7 and have completed “The Second Dream” to access the Silver Grove quest. You will need to have completed the quest once to access the necessary Apothic blueprints, too. Apothics are the items used to summon the Silver Grove Specters in Warframe.

In order to make Apothics, you need to use the Codex Scanner on plants found throughout different missions. Scanning a plant automatically puts it in your inventory. However, some of the plants are tied to the day/night cycle in Warframe. The easiest and fastest Apothics to make are the Twilight and Sunrise Apothics (depending on your current day/night cycle). The Nightfall Apothic is less ideal because it requires plans from both day and night.

Here is the ingredient list for all the Apothics and their recommended farming locations:

Sunrise Apothic Recipe

Vestan Moss (Mercury) – Commonly found on rocks, under stairs, and in corners.

Frostleaf (Venus) – Commonly found on the edge of cliffs and sides of the map.

Sunlight Jadeleaf (Earth, daytime) – Usually found in the Grineer Forest tileset in watery areas.

Twilight Apothic Recipe

Ruk’s Claw (Mars) – Typically on walls in the Grineer Settlement tileset.

Lunar Pitcher (Lua) – Found commonly around trees and planters.

Moonlight Jadeleaf (Earth, nighttime) – Found in the Grineer Forest tileset.

Nightfall Apothic Recipe 

Dusklight Sarracenia (Ceres) – Only found in swamp water — often in spawn and extraction locations or the water surrounding the reactor on Sabotage missions (which usually spawn around six plants).

Moonlight Dragonlillies (Earth, nighttime) – Found in the Grineer Forest tileset.

Sunrise Threshcones (Earth, daytime) – Found in the Grineer Forest tileset.

Once you build your Apothics in the Foundry, equip them on your Gear Wheel. You will need to find The Silver Grove hidden area on an Earth tileset. This is the only place the Specters spawn can spawn in Warframe! I recommended playing capture missions, but make sure you capture the target before your search. Otherwise the mission will end when the time runs out.

The Silver Grove will usually — but not always — spawn near the end of the mission. Look for a small tunnel. When you are close, the Lotus will mention that The Silver Grove is nearby. Go through the tunnel and you will discover an altar. Use your Apothic on the altar and the Specter will spawn. The fight itself is fairly straightforward, and the Silver Grove Specters can even drop rare Mods depending on the Apothic you used.

Night Terror: Complete 10 Nightmare missions of any type 

All nodes must be unlocked and completed on a planet to have access to Nightmare missions. These are harder versions of existing missions with annoying modifiers, but shouldn’t be too difficult for experienced players.

Good luck fostering your green thumb this week, Tenno! Check back with us next week for more weekly Nightwave tips in Warframe.