Taking Down Tobi-Kadachi – Monster Hunter: World Guide

When you first come across the Tobi-Kadachi in Monster Hunter: World, you might be in for a bit of a shock. The first Thunder-type monster in the game moves around the battlefield at a breakneck pace, forcing hunters to be careful. Otherwise you’ll suffer the consequences.

Our Monster Hunter: World Tobi-Kadachi guide will give you the lowdown on hunting this electrifying beast. Let’s take a look!

Fighting Tobi-Kadachi in Monster Hunter: World

You’ll first run into Tobi-Kadachi in the Main Assignment Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi. This three-star quest has you going into the Ancient Forest to take the beast down.

Tobi-Kadachi has two things that hunters won’t know up till this point in the Monster Hunter: World campaign. Those are agility and electricity. Tobi-Kadachi is exceptionally quick to move around the field. This can throw new hunters off their balance. The monster also has the ability to climb trees and swoop down, similar to a flying squirrel. Well, that is if flying squirrels were gigantic and intent on biting your head off.

The beast’s Thunder element attacks are also very dangerous. On top of being powerful, they come with a chance to cause Thunderblight, which makes you more likely to be stunned by normal attacks. Getting stunned at the wrong time can easily get you killed and cause you to fail a mission. Make sure to counteract Thunderblight with a Nulberry or by dodging seven times.

If you’re using a melee weapon, you can run in for a quick few hits after many of Tobi-Kadachi’s attacks. Although it may be more difficult to land a hit if you’re using a slower weapon. Using a ranged weapon seems like a good idea. It keeps you away from Tobi-Kadachi’s sudden attacks. But make sure you actually know how to aim that bow or bowgun! The monster’s agility and smaller body make it hard to hit at times.

Monster Hunter Tobi Kadachi

The Kadachi Armor Set

Farming Tobi-Kadachi can get you materials for the Kadachi armor set. With high thunder resistance, this armor is very helpful against the other Thunder element monster in the game: the Elder Dragon Kirin.

The Kadachi Alpha Armor set offers a few helpful skills, and at fairly high levels:

  • Thunder Attack level 2 – increases your Thunder attack power by 60 points.
  • Thunder Resistance level 3 – increases Thunder defense by 20 and adds 10 normal defense.
  • Jump Master level 1 – prevents being knocked back or stunned when in the air. Great for Insect Glaive users!
  • Evade Extender level 3 – greatly extends the distance of your dodge rolls, which is very helpful for speedy monsters like Tobi-Kodachi and Odogaron.
  • Constitution level 3 – reduces fixed stamina usage by 30 percent.

The Beta set has the same skills, but most of them are reduced down to level 1. The single exception is Thunder Resistance, which comes in at level 2. The trade-off is that you get space for more decorations and the ability to tweak your armor set. This is the same for all Alpha and Beta armor in Monster Hunter: World.

However, equipping multiple pieces of the Kadachi armor does not grant any special abilities. So consider complementing three pieces of another armor set (one with set bonuses) with the Kadachi armor.

Monster Hunter Tobi Kadachi

Tips to Beat Tobi-Kadachi in Monster Hunter: World

Against all common sense, bring a Water elemental weapon. It really doesn’t make sense, but Tobi-Kadachi is weakest to the water element. Thankfully, you won’t get shocked by using one of these weapons to take down the electrifying monster.

Cutting its tail can stop Thunderblight. It’s definitely risky, but if you cut off Tobi-Kodachi’s tail, you can avoid its wide-range tail swipe that causes Thunderblight.

For those early in the game, use the Bone Armor. If you’re first fighting Tobi-Kadachi, you may not have a wide range of armor to choose from. You also won’t have the insanely useful Thunderproof Mantle. For this early section of the game, the Bone Armor can give you some thunder resistance to make the monster’s attacks hurt less.