Monster Hunter World Guide – How to Get Warped Bones

In Monster Hunter: World, you need to collect all sorts of materials in order to make items, weapons, and armor for your hunter to survive in the New World. That doesn’t just mean monster carves, either; you also need to gather flora, fauna, and more from the field.

One such all-important item is the Warped Bone. A Rarity 4 item, you use Warped Bones for a number of early weapons in powerful weapon trees, as well as many low-level Charms. However, it’s a little difficult to farm enough of the bones to get everything you need. We’ll help you find Warped Bones in Monster Hunter: World and show you what you can make with your newfound materials.

Monster Hunter Warped Bone

Collecting Warped Bones in Monster Hunter: World

The main source of Warped Bones in Monster Hunter: World are bone piles in the Rotten Vale. Harvesting from the Rotten Vale in Low Rank or High Rank expeditions can yield most of the bones you need.

However, it’s sometimes difficult to get lower Rarity items from High Rank areas. If you’ve been exploring the High Rank Rotten Vale and haven’t had any luck, give the Low Rank version a try, instead.

Warped Bones also come from a few monsters. If you break the back parts of Radobaan, there’s a chance that the material dropped will be a Warped Bone, with a higher chance of a drop in a Low Rank fight. Taking on a quest to take out some Raphinos can get you some bones as a quest reward, with the same chance in Low or High Rank mode.

Finally, Warped Bones have a chance to drop from some four, five, and six star quests. However, the chance is so low it’s not worth grinding quests as opposed to just exploring the Rotten Vale.

Monster Hunter Warped Bone

Warped Bones Uses in Monster Hunter: World

Warped Bones are necessary for a surprising number of weapons, armor, and decorations in Monster Hunter: World. That makes them a valuable commodity — especially since you stop getting them with regularity in High Rank quests.


Warped Bones are used to make the first round of Dragonbone weapons for the Sword & Shield, Lance, and Charge Blade. The Dragonbone Lance and Cutter, in particular, can eventually lead onto powerful Rarity 8 weapons.

The latter end of Pulsar set of weapons for the Long Sword, Dual Blades, Charge Blade, and Bow also use Warped Bones. However, the Warped Bones go into the third tier of Pulsar weapons, which don’t quite lead to the best examples of certain weapon types. You may want to prioritize the Dragonbone weapons if you use the Lance or Charge Blade.


Warped Bones are needed for a few different armor sets, but the main one you need to worry about is the Death Stench set. Three items of the Rarity 7 set requires at least one Warped Bone to create. The Death Stench set has decent Ice resistance, which is currently only useful against Legiana. It will likely become more useful in the first Monster Hunter: World expansion, Iceborne, however.

You also use Warped Bones for parts of the Bone armor set, the Skull Mask, and the Odogaron Helm, among other armor pieces.


In general, the first tier of Charms require lower end materials to create. The further you move up in tiers of Charms, the rarer the items you need to upgrade.

The Warped Bone is required for a lot of first-tier charms — including the Whetstone Charm, the Fortification Charm, and more. Warped Bones are also required for the Enervate Charm II and the Intimidator Charm I and III. If you need to grind out Warped Bones, in all likelihood it’s because you’re trying to make a specific Charm, which take anywhere from three to six bones to create.

And that’s most of what you need to know about Warped Bones! Be sure to check out our continuing coverage of Monster Hunter: World as new events, expansions, and monsters invade the New World.