Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore Guide – Where to Find This Resource

Monster Hunter Rise is all about killing terrifying creatures and then wearing them as a hat. Now that the game has finally released, players are flocking to this colorful, charming action RPG to test their skills against all the giant beasts looking to make a meal out of them. Similar to previous Monster Hunter titles, players will get to design their own hunter which is tasked with bringing down large creatures to forge better gear. Of course, you’ll need more than monster hides and bones to make some pieces of armor. One of the earliest materials you’ll need to farm is Machalite Ore, which is required for a number of armor pieces and weapons. Unfortunately, Monster Hunter Rise isn’t exactly forthcoming with where to find this item.

How to Get Machalite Ore

Your main and most common method for obtaining Machalite Ore is by striking blue mining outcrops found in the Sandy Plains, Lava Caverns, and Flooded Forest. Though your first chance to obtain this material will be in the Sandy Plains biome. You do not need to reach High Rank quests. This takes a few hours to reach if you’re solely focusing on Monster Hunter Rise‘s story quests. Once you gain access to Sandy Plains, visit Hinoa the Quest Maiden, select Village Quest, and then pick Expedition Tour at the bottom. This allows you to freely explore any biome without time constraints or penalties for fainting.

When you arrive, open up your map by pressing the + button (on a Nintendo controller) and then hit Y. This will bring up a more detailed overview of the map. From here, hit the right bumper to change the display category to Gathering. You can now see all of the blue and white mining outcrops labeled on the map. If you want to clean up the map a bit, hit X to bring up the Icon List and then the right bumper again until you reach the Materials 2 category. From here, you can select either the blue or white mining outcrops. Doing so will only display these resource nodes on the map (shown below), making it much easier to locate them.

Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore

Now make your way to any of these mining outcrops and press A. You will have a random chance to be awarded some Machalite Ore. However, this material is fairly uncommon in Sandy Plains, so it may take visiting a few of these mining nodes before you managed to snag one. Thankfully, Machalite Ore is far more common in the Lava Caverns, which should be your main farming area as you progress later into the game. You aren’t always guaranteed some Machalite Ore from nodes. The drop rate is exclusively tied to whatever map you’re exploring. Because of this, I don’t recommend wasting your time farming Machalite Ore in the Shrine Ruins or Frost Islands. I spent a fair amount of time hitting the mining nodes and never got a single piece of Machalite Ore…

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Alternatively, you can earn some Machalite Ore by completing quests or requests given out by NPCs in any of these locations. This is a far less common method, so I wouldn’t rely on just subquests if you need to farm some Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise.