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Minecraft Seeds Guide - 8 of Our Favorite Minecraft Seeds

Perhaps the most defining quality of Minecraft is the randomness of its worlds. Loading in a new game is an exercise in mystery and excitement: a new and unexplored land awaits, just begging to be discovered. Sometimes, though, you want to know what to expect, which is where seeds come in. Plugging in specific game seeds allows you to set the parameters of your world, giving you control over its layout and other elements such as nearby resources, terrain features, biomes and more.

In this guide, we’ve put together a list of seven of our favorite Minecraft seeds. These are worlds that are ripe for adventure and exploration, with a setup to scratch any itch. Want to explore a mysterious shipwreck? There’s a seed for that. Want to make sure you spawn near some diamonds? Have we got a seed for you. Looking for some dark and claustrophobic mine shafts to dig through? All you gotta do is plant the seed and watch your world grow. So join us and craft some mines in this Minecraft seeds guide.

Special thanks to Minecraft Seed HQ for being a great resource!

minecraft mine shafts seed
Image via Minecraft Seeds HQ.

Easy Mineshafts

  • Seed: cbkbc
  • Seed Code: 94454061
  • Version: 1.14 (Java Edition)
  • Source: Minecraft Seed HQ

Explore the Minecraft namesake in this seed. You’ll spawn near a village, as well as some badlands and snowy mountain biomes. Both the village and badlands sport entrances to a network of underground mine shafts where you can find all the coal and iron your heart desires. Look carefully and you’ll also find some minecarts sporting chests. Be careful, though, because there are zombies and other enemies lurking around looking to spoil your adventure.

Image via Minecraft Seeds HQ.

Mansion and Shipwreck

  • Seed: weakplay
  • Seed Code: -736121172
  • Version: 1.90 (PlayStation 4 Edition)
  • Source: Minecraft Seed HQ

If you’re looking for a good old fashioned exploration adventure, this PlayStation 4 seed offers up a pair of mysterious locations. Not too far from the spawn point, you’ll enter into a snowy forest biome with a frozen river. Keep going, though, and you’ll stumble onto the real star of the show: a huge mansion overlooking the ocean, as well as a shipwreck in the water.

Emerald Temple

  • Seed: roundmag
  • Seed Code: -139003
  • Version: 1.11 (Bedrock Edition/Pocket Edition)
  • Source: Minecraft Seed HQ

This seed spawns you in the desert near a temple simply ripe for looting. Inside you’ll find a bunch of chests containing a host of rare materials, such as emeralds, diamonds, and golden apples. There’s also a ton of gold ore, some string, and a saddle. Most importantly, though, you’ll find some precious, precious horse armor in a variety of styles: diamond, iron, and gold. This seed is a perfect excuse to break out your inner Indiana Jones while exploring a giant desert temple.

minecraft island shipwrecks
Image via Minecraft Seeds HQ.

Island Shipwrecks

  • Seed: axezero
  • Seed Code: -573947210
  • Version: 1.14 (Java Edition)
  • Source: Minecraft Seed HQ

Roleplay a shipwreck survivor on this island seed that spawns you in a village on a small island. All the trappings of a classic desert island setting are here, from a pair of bountiful shipwrecks to buried treasure. The map is abundant with all kinds of desirable loot, like enchanted tunics and helmets, diamonds, emeralds, gold ingots and nuggets, an iron sword, and a ton more.

Image via Minecraft Seeds HQ.

Plains Villages

  • Seed: grownono
  • Seed Code: 508164565
  • Version: 1.12 (Pocket Edition/Bedrock Edition)
  • Source: Minecraft Seeds HQ

One of the most picturesque seeds we’ve seen, this one spawns you right on the edge of a plains biome with some truly imposing terrain formations. Several large rocks loom in the distance, practically begging you to summit them. There are also a pair of villages to explore with plenty of fun secrets to discover. This seed is ideal for a nice big house on the flat terrain of the plains, or a secluded cottage near one of the many hidden small bodies of water.

Image via Minecraft Seeds HQ.

Zombie Village

  • Seed: OPTICK
  • Seed Code: -1956807983
  • Version: 1.12 (Java Edition)
  • Source: Minecraft Seed HQ

If you’re looking for an almost immediate challenge, this seed will pit you against a village crawling with zombies right out of the gate. What’s more, many of the zombies are on fire, upping the spooky factor by a great deal.

Horse Village

  • Seed: (unknown)
  • Seed Code: 586909515517558631
  • Version: 1.7 (Java Edition)
  • Source: Minecraft Village Seeds

Fancy yourself a horse breeder? This seed boasts what an idea setup for those looking to get their equine fix. The spawn point is right on the edge of a village filled with horses. There’s also a saddle, diamond horse armor, and a diamond. In addition, there’s a lava pit in the middle of the village, but you can probably ignore that. Give this seed a go if you’re looking for a horse-themed Minecraft experience.

Image via Minecraft Seeds HQ.

Ice Spires

  • Seed: HOIL
  • Seed Code: 2223210
  • Version: 1.11 (Bedrock Edition)
  • Source: Minecraft Seed HQ

Marvel at the frozen majesty of spires of ice reaching into the sky. This seed drops you on the edge of an icy forest with a frozen river, and after exploring a bit you’re likely to find yourself in the shadows of some truly impressive ice formations. Also, there are some adorable rabbits (depending on the version of the Bedrock Edition you’re running) and polar bears hanging around.

And that’s it for our favorite Minecraft seeds. Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments section!

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