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Minecraft Goat Horn Guide - How to Get Drops, Use

Get Minecraft goat horns from goats so you can goad your gang into grouping up.

Mojang isn’t entirely done with some features from the previous Caves and Cliffs update. Goats are great, though also deadly, and were previously only good for filling your buckets with milk. Now, however, you can get the horns straight from their head, and without killing them, at that! There are a total of eight different goat horns to collect, each of which produces a different sound when used. Now you can communicate with your friends across the mountain valleys just by blowing a horn. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to get Minecraft goat horns, explain the difference, and generally get you ready to collect your own.

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How to Get Goat Horns to Drop

Goat Horns drop whenever a goat rams a hard enough block. Mojang gives the example of a tree, but also specifies that the block must occur naturally where Goats spawn such as Stone, Packed Ice, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, or Emerald Ore. Goats won’t ram another other block types, even if they’re super hard like Obsidian.

If you get a Goat to do this, it will drop two horns for you to pick up. The game will randomly decide which two it drops.

You can also sometimes find Goat Horns in Pillager Outposts.

What is a Goat Horn Used For?

The Goat Horn item is exclusively used to make a sound when held and activated. This sound is broadcast over the surrounding 256 blocks for everyone to hear. Render distance does come into play here, however. If someone is far enough away based on your settings such that they aren’t being rendered, there won’t be a sound.

Not that it’s promising for servers with a ton of people, but there is a global six second cooldown between uses, no matter who uses the horn.

They are not used in any crafting recipes.

Goat Horn Types

There are eight different Goat Horn variants, meaning you have a good amount of collecting to do. You will, however, need to hunt down Screaming Goats as well due to the fact that four of these variants are exclusive to them. That’s obviously a tough ask considering there’s only a two percent chance of one of these spawning. When you do find one, make sure to get its horns before moving on!

The eight types of goat horns are:

Regular Goat Horns:

  • Ponder: Makes an announcement sound like you would expect at a royal court.
  • Sing: A brighter, more cheerful horn.
  • Seek: A lower, grungier horn which sounds like the announcement of an impending attack.
  • Feel: Almost pure bass.

Screaming Goat Horns

  • Admire: Sounds like a broken, almost squeaky horn.
  • Call: Basically the Lucasfilm THX intro sound.
  • Yearn: Sounds deep like a boat horn.
  • Dream/Resist: Almost comes off as a sound you’d hear towards the start of a horror movie trailer.

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