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Mario Party Superstars Stickers Guide - How to Get New Stickers

It’s time to ruin some relationships as Mario Party Superstars has finally released. Going back in time, this game brings together a collection of the best mini-games and maps from the N64 era. While it doesn’t introduce any new gimmicks, players will be able to enjoy the classic Mario Party experience of feeling like you have won only to lose everything. Whether you’re playing online, local, or offline, your only way to communicate with other players is by using the variety of stickers provided. Acting as pseudo emotes, you’ll be seeing many of these if you decide to play against strangers online. Even though you start out with a nice collection of stickers, you can actually purchase more as you progress through Mario Party Superstars.

How to Get New Stickers

In order to unlock new Stickers, you’ll need to obtain coins. These are gathered by simply completing mini-games or earning them while playing the normal Mario Party game mode. Any coins you earn will be added to your bank, which can then be used in Toad’s Shop. Once you arrive back in the small town, select the shop with the rotating coin sign on the left. Inside, you will be able to purchase a variety of new stickers, which will range between 20-200 gold coins. Once you purchase a sticker, it will be instantly added to your collection, allowing you to use it any time. Keep in mind: stickers have no mechanical impact, so purchasing these isn’t required. Though since they are your only way to express any type of emotion while playing, I really do recommend buying a few.

My personal favorites are the “But… why?,” “All me!,” and “You wouldn’t!” stickers. These really convey the backstabbing nature of Mario Party Superstars and how you will often feel when a rogue Chance Time takes all your hard-earned Stars. While there are no rules regarding emotes, I would suggest not just spamming the same one. If emotes aren’t your thing, you can always buy character bios, card designs, and music for the various gameboards. I don’t suggest anything in the Encyclopedia since the entries are laughably short; it’s just a waste of coins. Focus on getting emotes and music first.

Mario Party Superstars Stickers

How to Use Stickers

Once you have enough stickers, you can use them in any normal game of Mario Party Superstars. Whenever you are on the board, moving, or interacting with elements on the board, just flick the Left Stick to bring up the sticker menu. You can now select any sticker in your collection and then post them on everyone’s screen with the A Button. The sticker will briefly appear in your corner of the screen.

Keep in mind that you cannot use stickers while in an actual mini-game, even if you are eliminated. Stickers are exclusively tied to when you’re on the board itself, moving around, or during any cutscenes that may take place. This includes things like Bowser Spaces, Chance Time, Duels, and Lucky Spaces.

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