League of Legends Mythic Essence Guide – Current Mythic Shop

Two removed from a quintessence.

Tired of hoarding Gemstones and trying to amass Prestige Points before they expire at the end of the year? If you haven’t kept up with Riot Games’ announcements, then we have some great news.

As of today, the developer has retired both Gemstones and Prestige Points in favor of a new currency called Mythic Essence. This exclusive currency can be spent in the all-new Mythic Shop on things like skins, accessories, chromas, and various loot items. In this guide, we’ll explain everything there is to know about League of Legends migration to Mythic Essence, including how your old currencies have been converted, what’s going to happen with Prestige Skins, and how the system will be changing in the future.

What is Mythic Essence?

Mythic Essence is the new prestige currency for League of Legends. Unlike Gemstones, they don’t exclusively come from loot boxes and also unlike Prestige Points, they don’t expire. You can earn points from all the exact same sources, however, including loot boxes, battle passes, and missions.

At launch, all players are getting a one-time mission that expires on May 2, 2022. Completing it before then will reward you with ten Mythic Essence. Not all that much really, considering a single Mythic Skin costs at least 100 ME.

What About Prestige Points and Gemstones?

As we said, both of these currencies are being retired. Gemstones are being converted into Mythic Essence at a ratio of one to 10. Have 10 Gemstones? Now you have 100 Mythic Essence. Prestige Points have simply been retired and have expired in your inventory as of last week.

How to Earn Mythic Essence

Until an event that offers Mythic Essence begins, the only current way to obtain ME is through random loot box drops.

Current Mythic Shop

From Patch 12.6 to Patch 12.12 (ending April 13, 2022), these are the items available in the League of Legends Mythic Shop:

  • Ashen Knight Pyke: 100 ME
  • Ashen Knight Pyke Emberwoken Chroma + Summoner Icon: 40 ME
  • I’m Comin’ For Ya Emote: 25 ME
  • Hextech Annie: 100 ME
  • Hextech Amumu: 100 ME

The following items are available year-round:

  • Ashen Ward: 50 ME
  • Random Skin Shard: 10 ME
  • 50 Orange Essence: 1 ME
  • 150 Blue Essence: 1 ME

Unvaulted Prestige Skins

In addition to the usual Mythic Shop, Riot Games will periodically unvault older Prestige Skins. Skins enter the pool one calendar year after their initial release. Costs increase with each unvaulting, so if you’re set on purchasing one, make sure to get it as soon as possible. Skins cost 100 Mythic Essence when they first debut. They will then appear in the shop for 125 and 150 ME before capping at 200 ME after their third appearance.

Normally, only two skins are unvaulted at a time. But due to the overhaul, Riot is making six available for the next three months. Those six are:

  • Prestige Arcanist Zoe: 125 ME
  • Prestige Spirit Blossom Teemo: 125 ME
  • Prestige Battle Queen Diana: 125 ME
  • Prestige PROJECT: Irelia: 150 ME
  • Prestige Pulsefire Thresh: 150 ME
  • Prestige K/DA Kai’Sa: 200 ME

Unless you’ve been sitting on a veritable treasure trove of Gemstones, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to afford these skins before they’re vaulted once again in early April.

What About Loot Drops?

For as long as the loot system has been in place, you’ve been able to obtain Mythic and Prestige skins by rerolling skin shards. For most players, this is based on random chance. However, if you own every purchasable skin in League of Legends, it has long been possible to reroll three shards into the newest, exclusive skins, saving a ton of time and effort. Riot was originally going to end this practice by removing them from the loot pools; it has walked this change back in the patch notes. While they will remain obtainable this way, it won’t be until a full year after their debut and they will not come with exclusive borders and icons.

[Disclaimer: Both Riot Games and Fanbyte are owned by the same parent company, Tencent.]