Kill It With Fire Tips — 7 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Kill It With Fire is a delightful little game about going way too far in pursuit of frankly ill-advised goals. While I don’t endorse killing spiders in real life, video games allow us to enter realms of fantasy where anything is possible. And so, here are some tips and tricks that should help you on your quest to rid the world of the eight-legged menace while destroying absolutely everything in your path.

1. Suit Up

Kill It With Fire‘s upgrade system is a little obtuse. It works like this: you find personal upgrades and tracker upgrades throughout the game’s levels. Each upgrade requires a certain amount of points to equip. For personal upgrades like cargo shorts and gel insoles, you acquire points by completing objectives. You get points for tracker upgrades by finding batteries. Oddly, you can’t simply equip and unequip upgrades freely. Instead, you have to reset them, which allows you to select a new set. Resetting your points doesn’t cost anything though, so feel free to swap things in and out as much as you like.

2. Get Down

Can’t find any spiders? You can typically rustle up some critters by moving objects around. In particular, spiders like hiding underneath rocks and other objects found on the ground, so pick up and throw items liberally.

3. Cheese Puffs, Explained

You’ll find snack items in Kill It With Fire that function as bait for spiders — simply throw on the ground and wait for the spiders to come to you. The game doesn’t explain the different flavors particularly well, though. You might think that spicy snacks, for instance, are more appealing to exploding spiders. In fact, each snack can transform a spider that eats it into the corresponding type of creature. Feeding a regular spider a spicy treat, then, will create an exploding spider. I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to determine what a sticky lemon cheese puff might taste like.

Kill It With Fire

4. Clean All the Dishes

Some of the achievements in Kill it With Fire are a little tricky. One in particular, called “Spick and Span,” tasks you with destroying every dish in the Domestic Duties level. You can rig the entire kitchen with C4 and blow it sky-high, but the achievement won’t pop. So what do you do? Take a peek out the window of the laundry room, and you’ll spot that last plate. Ah, nothing like a clean set of dishes.

5. Gunshots Scare Spiders

If you’re going to come at the king, you’d better come correct — missing shots with firearms in Kill It With Fire will send spiders scurrying all over the room, making them harder to hit. It turns out it’s hard to hit a spider-sized target that’s skittering around in a frenzied panic with a revolver. Who knew? Later on you’ll find a silenced pistol, which won’t spook your quarry in the same way.

6. Chaos Control

It’s easy to forget about the energy drink item, which grants you caffeine-induced super speed just like Fry in that episode of Futurama. But it’s extremely useful for Kill It With Fire‘s Arachno-Gauntlet challenges, which task you with killing a certain number of spiders using specific means in a tight time limit. Quaffing a beverage before you start one of these encounters can give you the extra time you need to make your quota.

Kill It With Fire

7. Pizza Time

In level four of Kill it With Fire, Major Inconvenience, you’ll finally step forth from your home into the wider, weirdly abandoned world. Here you’re given the task of scanning $100 worth of items at the self-serve checkout, but there’s a catch: you have to get to $100 using ten or fewer items. Most of the items in the store are under $10, so what do you do? Here’s what: go straight for the pizza. Dig into the freezers in the back of the store, where you’ll find cheese and supreme pizzas, plus pizza snacks, each worth more than $10 (weirdly, ham and cheese pizzas are half the price). And remember that you can’t scan the same instance of an item twice, so get to chucking those pizzas!