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How to Visit Your House (Or Any Location) in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has a ton of popular locations and landmarks but what do you do if you want to visit something a little less known. For example, you can quickly skip to a remote island or the airspace above your house. This guide will help you quickly get to where you want to go via the game’s World Map menu.

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Step 1: Find the Location on Google Maps

So first you’ll need to find the location you’re looking for on Google Maps. We recommend clicking on the ground itself rather than an identifiable structure like McMurdo Station here. Doing so causes the website to display the GPS coordinates at the bottom of the screen. When that shows up click them.

Step 2: Copy the GPS Coordinates

Now that you’ve clicked on those coordinates, a larger display will pop up on the left side. Just copy these into your clipboard for the time being.

Step 3: Load Into Microsoft Flight Simulator World Map

Now load into the game and enter the World Map display mode. All you have to do now is click into the search box on the left and paste the GPS coordinates into the field. Click the result below the custom pin and it’ll take you to the exact location you entered.

Step 4: Get Flying!

Now just click your pin, set it as the departure point, and get flying!

Tip: You Can Download Regions to Save Bandwidth

If you’re plagued by slow Internet speeds, or just want to make sure your house is displayed in as high of a resolution as possible, head on over to the options menu. Navigate to general and select manual cache. This will let you select certain regions of the game to download, saving you from having to stream the data while you play.

Be forewarned that some regions take up a lot of space. All of San Francisco, for example, is about ten Gigabytes. If storage space is a concern, the game allows you to specify which areas are downloaded and in what quality. For example, you could download Manhattan in high detail and then decrease the quality as you get further away.

Tip: Use Drone Mode to Get a Better View

If at any point you find yourself wanting to look around, hit “Pause” and the game will stop completely aside from your propeller rotating. You can then do whatever you’d like. Try different camera angles to get a good screenshot, look at the environment below, or whatever else you can think of.

You can even travel far away from your plane down to the street view using Drone Mode. To enable that mode just hit “INS”and you can fly your drone anywhere you want. There’s no limit on how far you can travel from your plane as far as we know, so it’s perfect for getting a better look at the area you’re over.

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