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How to Upgrade Your Hospital in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 has launched earlier than expected, so it’s time to remind all your abandoned villagers you are still alive. Along with the Happy Home Paradise DLC, which launches later today, the free update introduces a wealth of new features and items for you to customize your island with.

While you can spend a lot of time building ideal vacation homes, Lottie will occasionally ask you to help build a facility on the island. This includes a school, restaurant, cafe, and hospital. Today, we’re focusing on the latter, which is actually a facility you can expand and add an additional room onto.

How to Upgrade the Hospital

Once you’ve unlocked the hospital after building 22 vacation homes and completed the initial design, you will be able to upgrade this facility. To do this, go to the hospital and speak to whomever you made the receptionist. Agree to make a donation of 120,000 Poki and then wait a full day. Afterward, return to the island, speak to Lottie, and select “Let’s talk about facilities.” You can then select the hospital, which will offer you the option to expand this structure. Doing so will give you an entirely new wing called the Patient Ward.

What you decide to do with this portion of the hospital is entirely up to you. The only requirement is you need to use three beds. This is pretty easy and should fit in with most themes the community is using for this facility. That being said, the hospital expansion shouldn’t be your primary goal, as that’s a lot of Poki to spend — especially if you’re snapping up furniture left and right. I recommend focusing on building more homes to increase your Poki reserves. Plus, after 30 homes have been designed you will get to build an apparel shop, which is the last major facility in Happy Home Paradise.

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For those unsure of what they want to make their hospital look like, there are a few different directions you can take. The first is a metro hospital, which is fine but can be a bit boring. Another popular design I’ve seen is either a haunted hospital or one where a mad scientist works. This can be really fun if you have villagers with the ideal aesthetics, like Lucky or Petri. Another option is to make it a pharmacy or local drug store, which is what I did for my hospital. Personally, I like this since a big city hospital is a bit at odds with the small village aesthetic of Happy Home Paradise.

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