How to Unlock Extra Skins for Ellie & Joel in The Last of Us Part I

The Last of Us Part I is finally here, so grab your revolver, don your flannel shirt, and stock up on supplies because it’s time to fight through hordes of infected once more. It’s a remake of the original game, with graphical and gameplay changes made so it’s more consistent with the 2020 sequel, The Last of Us Part II. While the vast majority of the game remains the same, developer Naughty Dog has included a bunch of extra cosmetic and behind-the-scenes bonuses for players to unlock. One of these is alternative skins for Joel, Ellie, and some of their gear. Here’s how to unlock these skins in The Last of Us Part I so you can rock a Sly Cooper shirt when slaying infected:

How to Unlock Extra Skins

To unlock all of the additional skins you will need to beat The Last of Us Part I on any difficulty. Doing so will unlock the vast majority of features in the extra menu. To access these, go back to the Main Menu and then select the “Extra” tab. This will bring you into a sub-menu where you can see all the different features that are now accessible.

Go down to the Skins tab and then select either Joel or Ellie. From here you can purchase cosmetic outfits for either of these characters. You will buy these outfits for P, which is an in-game currency you’ll earn as you progress through the game, find collectibles, or complete trophies. Once you buy an outfit, you can equip it by highlighting the skin and pressing X.

The Last of Us Part I Skins

Doing so will cause that character to wear their outfit whenever you play and cutscenes. Along with Ellie and Joel, you can also change their backpacks, Joel’s sidearm, Ellie’s sidearm, the bow, and the shotgun. This is perfect for those who want a bit more personalization when playing or to just remind themselves that we still need a Resistance: Fall of Man remake.

Keep in mind, that the skins you wear might not always sync up well with the cutscenes. So if someone gets hurt on their arm, the wound may not show because you have a long sleeve shirt on now. Sure it might break immersion, but you probably need some laughs when going through this grim story.

Along with skins, you can also unlock concept art, 3D models, gameplay modifiers, behind-the-scenes videos, and a visual filter that changes how the game looks.