How to Start the DLC in Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course has officially released so it’s time to dive back into this exceptionally difficult run and gun action game. Embracing the art of the 1930s, Cuphead originally told the story of two brothers who made a deal with a devil. Released back in 2017, the highly anticipated DLC (aptly named Delicious Last Course) has finally dropped and it’s even trickier than the base game. This time around, you are tasked with gathering ingredients to make a pastry so good it will bring Ms. Chalice back from the astral plane.

Thankfully, unlocking this DLC in-game is fairly easy and players who have already progressed beyond the first main area will be able to hop right in. Here’s how to play The Delicious Last Course DLC:

How to Start The Delicious Last Course

Cuphead Start DLC

To access Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, you will need to complete the first Mausoleum and then talk to the ferryman by the boat that spawns. If you’ve already beaten Cuphead this won’t be a problem at all. When you load up the game, make your way to Inkwell Isle I and down to the first Mausoleum (shown above). If you’re on a new game, you will either need to complete the Clip Join Calamity or Forest Follies level for a bridge to appear. Now go down the Mausoleum and enter this building. Parry all of the ghosts trying to reach the urn to free Ms. Chalice. She will reward you with your first Super move and a ferryman will spawn along with a boat.

Speak to the ferryman to begin the DLC, which has you tasked with trying to bring Ms. Chalice back to the mortal plane. This requires you to go around getting ingredients by, you guessed it, defeating tricky bosses scattered throughout the new map. Thankfully, you will be able to play as Ms. Chalice who has a bunch of terrific powers such as a dash parry and invincibility roll. It’s clear a lot of the encounters were designed for her specifically and can be a little tricky to play as Cuphead or Mugman.

If you want to go back to the main Inkwell Isles, just talk to the ferryman again and he will drop you off at your island of choice. You can freely go between the two with no punishment and can use every new upgrade against the old bosses. This includes being able to complete the base game’s stages with Ms. Chalice. Given she has a variety of unique abilities, this character can utterly trivialize some bosses while making others far more difficult. I definetly recommend giving her a try if you are getting tired of playing as Cuphead or Mugman.