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How to Redesign Villager Houses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Your dreams homes are now their dream homes.

Animal Crossing’s new Happy Home Paradise DLC may be all about designing houses for villagers on far-off islands, but there’s more to it than that. A lot of the things you eventually unlock on the job eventually make their way back to your own personal island.

One of these said features is (finally) the ability to customize both the interior and exterior of all the houses on your island. No longer do you need to watch Sherb suffer because he awkwardly placed the chair you gave him backward! In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock this redesign feature.

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Unlocking Villager Home Redesigning in New Horizons

We’ve got both good news and bad news for you. The good news? Unlocking features in Happy Home Paradise is remarkably straightforward. The bad news? It’s going to take some time to grind it out.

You see, almost all the new features included in the DLC are locked behind the number of vacation homes you complete for Paradise Planning. You start unlocking things pretty quickly. After two jobs, you get the Paradise Planning Network on your phone so you can revisit houses you’ve designed. After four jobs, you start unlocking facilities on the island like the school, which you can decorate and visit.

Bigger features, like villager home redesigning, take a good long while to unlock. In fact, if you want to unlock this new feature, you’ll need to complete 30 different vacation homes. After you do that Lottie will tell you about the apparel shop, but won’t mention anything about your own island. For that, you need to head back to your own town and talk to Tom Nook who will unlock the ability for you!

  • Two Jobs: Paradise Planning Network.
  • Five Jobs: Vine DIY, storage space unlocked on second floor.
  • Six Jobs: Earn 9,000 Poki per job, new uniforms unlocked, workbench on second floor. The school facility is unlocked. Complete to gain access to room sizes.
  • Seven Jobs: Can now summon vacationers with amiibo. Limited to regular villagers.
  • Eight Jobs: Unlocks wall partitions DIY.
  • 11 Jobs: Earn 12,000 Poki per job.
  • 12 Jobs: Customize your polishing effect. Unlocks lighting and the café and restaurant facility.
  • 13 Jobs: Can now visit other people’s creations on the Paradise Planning Network.
  • 15 Jobs: Use DIY made furniture in your jobs.
  • 16 Jobs: Unlock roommates for the vacation homes.
  • 17 Jobs: Unlocks soundscapes.
  • 18 Jobs: You can add a second floor to the vacation homes.
  • 19 Jobs: Earn 15,000 Poki per job. Can now summon VIP villagers. (Those who don’t have houses like Isabelle)
  • 22 Jobs: Unlocks the hospital facility.
  • 23 Jobs: Even more soundscapes.
  • 25 Jobs: Gain access to your furniture catalogue when decorating.
  • 30 Jobs: Unlock the apparel shop facility. Talk to Tom Nook to unlock the ability to decorate your own villager’s houses (internal and external).

As for other additions the 2.0 update offers, players can now enact ordinances that will change aspects of your island. For example, if you’re tired of pulling weeds, you can pay 20,000 Bells for the Beautiful Island ordinance. It’ll make your residents help with keeping the island clean. Alternatively, the Bell Boom ordinance increases the purchase and selling costs of goods.

There’s also a new café opening in the museum, which you can visit along with new islands you can explore via Kapp’n’s boat. Players can also set up farms to grow a variety of different vegetables and plants. All of this is free for players to enjoy with the Happy Home Paradise DLC, which you can buy for $25 or get for free with the upgraded (more expensive) Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

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