How to Play Online With Friends in Mario Party Superstars

It’s time to ruin some relationships as Mario Party Superstars has finally released. Going back in time, this game brings together a collection of the best mini-games and maps from the N64 era. While it doesn’t introduce any new gimmicks, players will be able to enjoy the classic Mario Party experience of feeling like you won only to lose everything. While you can play against the A.I., Mario Party Superstars allows both local and online play if you want to suffer with your friends. Here’s how to play online with your buddies or complete strangers:

How to Play Online

When you load up Mario Party Superstars, you will be given the option to play Offline, Local, or Online. Offline mode is if you want to game with other people on the same screen using the same system. When you pick this option, you’ll be able to change the number of people participating. Local is for people who are close but are using different Nintendo Switch systems to play. Finally, Online is for playing with friends or strangers. Once you select Online, pick either the Friends or Strangers tab.

If you select Friends, connect to the internet, and then progress through the menus until you are given an overview of the Toad village. Pick the Friend House on the left to open up the online menu where you can either create a room or join a lobby. From here, you will be given options such as changing who can join your lobby and if those people will require a password to join. For those wanting to play with random people, just select Open to All and No Code. Inversely, if you’re joining a friend, select the Join Room tab, which lets you look for your buddy’s lobby.

Note: If you want to play with someone on the same system while matched with people online, you have to be the one to make the room. 

Mario Party Superstars

This is definitely the best way to play Mario Party Superstars since the A.I. can be a bit dull and predictable. Just remember: if someone either drops out of the game or disconnects, the computer will assume their place. Leaving the game will not end it so long as there are still human players involved.

If you plan on playing a lot, I recommend going to the Data House on the right side of Toad Village. When you enter, Kamek will make you create a Mario Party Card, which acts as your profile and stat tracker whenever you play online. Not only can you showcase your favorite character, but you can also display your preferred entry in the series, mini-games, and map. This will also show how many hours you’ve played, coins you’ve earned, your overall level, and a title tied to your account. More titles will unlock as you earn additional Stars while playing, so make sure to check back so you’re not always labeled as a Rookie!

Remember: this is an optional feature and isn’t required to play with friends or random people. It’s just a nice way to archive your progress and see what other players like to do.