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How to Increase Your Crown Rank - Fall Guys Season 1 Crown Guide

Crowning achievement

Fall Guys has officially gone free-to-play! Along with releasing on Xbox and Nintendo Switch, developer Mediatonic is adding several new game modes and making big changes to the game’s overall structure. While you will still be tumbling, rolling, and falling a lot, Fall Guys has a new reward structure to accommodate its free-to-play release. The rarest of all the new currencies are Crowns, which are tied to proving you are the best bean in your game.

With that being said, Crowns function differently with the Free For All update as they can no longer be used to purchase items. Instead, you will be completing a separate reward track that is designed to have the ultimate bragging rights among your fellow beans. Here’s how to increase your Crown Rank so you can earn all those exclusive skins and cosmetics:

Fall Guys Crown Rank

How to Increase Your Crown Rank

To increase your Crown Rank you will need to earn Crowns and Crown Shards. However, obtaining a single Crown doesn’t mean you will increase a full Crown Rank. Instead, you will need to acquire a specific amount of Crowns to go up a single level. For example, in the photo above my Crown Rank is currently at level 10. To reach level 11, I will need to get a total of 41 Crowns since I started playing. The amount of Crowns you have is cumulative, so don’t worry about suddenly needing to get 41 new Crowns to go from level 10 to level 11.

Additionally, you can earn Crown Shards which will turn into a single Crown if you earn enough. You can see the number of shards needed under your current Crown Rank. Crown Shards are far easier to come by, as they can be earned by completing Marathon Challenges or as a reward for a Quad or Duos Show. As for whole Crowns, these are solely given out for winning matches of Stadium Stars Show or Solo Show. The former will rotate every season, as it acts as a way to just play all the new seasonal mini-games that dropped.

While the goal is to always earn Crowns if you’re struggling I recommend pivoting to Crown Shards instead. Playing with a duo or three others means your chances of winning aren’t entirely on you. This can ease a lot of the stress and makes getting Crowns far more consistent. Marathon Challenges are also worth completing, as they will reward you with between 120 to 240 Crown Shards! These challenges can be found by pressing up on your D-Pad and selecting the “Marathon” tab. Keep in mind, that these challenges will go away when the season is over so I recommend trying to complete them all!

Most of them aren’t even that difficult, just a bit time-consuming. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that your Crown Rank will reset at the end of Season 1. Unless you want to earn a specific cosmetic, I would focus more on increasing your season pass than Crown Rank. You’ll earn wins as you play, so it’s better to try and complete this reward track since it does away in 70 days.

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