How to Get Wraith’s Prestige Skin in Apex Legends

The first major event during Apex Legends Season 15 is just in time for the holidays. Dubbed “Wintertide,” this event will not only see the return of the Winter Express game mode but a bunch of new cosmetics for players to earn or purchase. Of course, the biggest draw is the new Apex Voidwalker Prestige skin, which has three different variants and a unique finisher animation. Usable only on Wraith, unlocking this skin either requires a hefty amount of real-world money or quite a bit of luck. Given the sheer amount of Wraith mains in Apex Legends, I suspect this will be quite a popular skin. Here’s how to unlock Wraith’s prestige skin in Apex Legends:

How to Unlock Wraith’s Prestige Skin

During the Wintertide event, you will need to purchase every cosmetic item in the event tab via the Wintertide Event Packs. Each pack guarantees you only one cosmetic from the event, however, you will never receive a duplicate. There’s also a higher chance to receive base legendary tier items. This means you will need to purchase a total of 24 loot boxes to unlock their new Apex Voidwalker heirloom skin. You can only buy Event Packs in either groups of 10 for 7,000 Apex Coins or individually for 700 Apex Coins each.

Breaking down the numbers, you would need to purchase $160 USD in Apex Coins just to have enough to buy all of the Event Packs. This assumes you bought two sets of ten and then the last four by themselves for 700 Coins each. You can reduce this price a little by purchasing the bundles in the Wintertide event store, but it won’t save you much. Typically, the store is mainly for those who only want to buy specific, popular legend skins rather than the entire suite. However, buying the bundles is still recommended if you want to save — even a little bit.

Apex Legends Wraith Prestige Skin

Alternatively, you can buy it with Heirloom Shards once the Wintertide event has concluded. Heirloom Shards are guaranteed after opening 500 Apex Packs and have a very, very small chance of dropping before this milestone. With the player rank increased by 500 levels it is possible to earn Heirloom Shards without spending any money, however, this will take a lot of time.

Once you own the skin you will need to upgrade it to Tier 2 and then Tier 3 to unlock the unique finisher. This is done by doing a tremendous amount of damage as that character. For example, to go from Tier 1 to Tier 2 you will need to do 30,000 damage. The damage will count in any mode such as Arenas, Battle Royale, or anything tied to an event. Personally, I find Control to be the best mode to upgrade prestige skins since it’s incredibly low-stakes and easy to rack up thousands of damage per match. Unfortunately, you will need to wait until this mode is available if you want to go this route.