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How to Get a Mount in Elden Ring

The good kind of Night-Mare.

Getting the mount in Elden Ring is essential to your survival in The Lands Between for more reasons than one. Though Torrent the magic horsey was featured prominently in the closed network test and other promotional material for FromSoftware’s latest, it’s possible to go quite a while without finding them unless you know where you’re looking. Torrent makes getting around the world significantly easier, but they’re much more than a spectral transport device. Most of Elden Ring’s tougher overworld encounters are designed with mounted combat in mind. And even on those occasions where you can’t beat an enemy, Torrent means you can (usually) escape with your Runes intact, even if your trousers are a bit Tarnished from the encounter.

How to Get a Mount in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has just one horse: a ghostly steed named Torrent given to you by your mysterious benefactor, Melina, early on. Melina only shows up at specific Points of Grace at certain points in the story, though the scene where she gifts Torrent to you can happen almost as soon as you leave The First Steps.

Follow the road north from The First Steps until you reach the barracks. This is the first major encounter with a group of enemies. If you don’t fancy getting into a fight just yet, give the encampment a wide berth. Your target is the Site of Grace near the Gatefront to your left – or it should be. Some players reported Melina appearing at other Grace points nearby, though during the network test and two new games, she always showed up at the Gatefront location.

Anyhow, once you’ve spoken with Melina, you’ll gain both Torrent and the ability to spend Runes to level up your stats. Before you rush off to demolish the barracks soldiers with your newfound spirit animal, fast travel back to the Church of Elleh for an important scene with a new NPC who unlocks spirit summoning.

How to Summon Torrent in Elden Ring

Torrent’s call, the Spectral Steed Whistle, is automatically added to your Quick Pouch, and you should keep it there for easy access. Hold “Triangle” on PlayStation, or “Y” on Xbox, to open the Quick Pouch, then press the direction button on the D-Pad that corresponds with the call’s placement.

Torrent is a ghost horse, so while they can’t die, they will disappear after taking too much damage. This leaves your Tarnished vulnerable on the ground for a few seconds. Fleeing or feeding them restorative berries (crafted from the red Rowa Fruit you’ll find scattered all around Limgrave) is always better than trying to brute force your way through a mounted battle.

Should Torrent vanish in combat, you can immediately summon them again once your Tarnished is back on their feet.

Mounted Combat in Elden Ring Explained

Riding Torrent significantly improves your mobility and movement speed, making it easier to approach bosses and escape to a safe distance. Encounters such as the Tree Sentinel and Flying Dragon Agheel are essentially designed with Torrent in mind, as it’s nearly impossible to defeat those and other overworld bosses while on foot.

There are some drawbacks, however. You’ll lose access to whatever is equipped in your left hand (shields, for example) in exchange for the ability to slash on both sides using the weapon in your right hand. That also means “L2” or “RT” won’t activate your Ashes of War. Instead, it’s just a strong attack from the left side. Magic still functions as usual, though keep in mind that Torrent slows to a walk when you’re charging and casting a spell.

Leap of Faith – Using Elden Ring’s Spirit Winds

Torrent’s other major draw is intertwined with the jump mechanic. Torrent can execute a double jump, which is handy for leaping above enemies to get away or for reaching hard-to-climb areas. In combat, jumping takes stamina, so bear that in mind when planning your attacks.

What double jumping won’t do is save you from a fatal fall. No matter when you execute the jump or even if it should logically save you, it won’t. You’ll still need to plan your way down steep cliffs with care in most cases.

Some areas have Spirit Winds, spectral updrafts that break your fall even from great heights or, if you enter them at ground level, propel you far into the air. The hitboxes on these are generous, so you don’t have to aim your landing directly at the center for them to work.

That’s all you need to know about how to get a mount in Elden Ring and what to do with it! Torrent is essentially a way to cheese tough encounters or race past them completely, and you should absolutely take advantage of this if you need to.

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