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How to Convert Riven Slivers in Warframe: Riven Mod Guide

Looking for where you can turn in Riven Slivers? It's time to "wake" up and find out.

In Warframe, converting Riven Slivers into Riven Mods gives players a new way farm (potentially) top-tier gear. That’s because Rivens are semi-randomized — often providing much higher stat bonuses than normal mods with fixed stats. The issue is that you never know which weapons the mods will fit into, so players need to hunt down quite a few to get the very best of the bunch. Thankfully, you can turn in Riven Slivers (a fairly easy-to-get currency) to buy Riven Mods outright. The question is: where do you turn in Riven Slivers in the first place? Let’s take a look!

Riven Slivers are quite odd. At the time of this writing, they’re one of the only resources and/or currencies in Warframe you don’t interact with on either the Orbiter or a Tenno Relay. Instead, you need to go to Iron Wake — a node located on the western hemisphere of Earth when looking at the game’s star chart.

Iron Wake is itself an odd location, too. It’s a themed social hub in the vein of Maroo’s Bazaar. Yet it mostly only exists for story purposes and, eventually, converting Riven Slivers.

How to Convert Riven Slivers Warframe Iron Wake

You first unlock the location fairly deep in the Warframe “campaign” by starting the fan favorite side quest “Chains of Harrow.” This, in turn, unlocks only after you’ve played at least as far as “The War Within” main story quest and completed the mission node “Mot” in the Void region of your star chart.

Phew! That’s kind of a lot. Just remember that you can always access quests like Chains of Harrow (and their prerequisites) from the Codex terminal on your personal ship.

During the course of Chains of Harrow, the player will meet a member of the Red Veil Syndicate known as Palladino. Despite being part of Red Veil, she likes to hang out with Steel Meridian in the far northeastern corner of Iron Wake, first appearing to guide the player through the narrative of Chains of Harrow. After finishing that side quest, however, she finally unlocks as a shop vendor NPC: one that will essentially sell you Riven Mods in exchange for Riven Slivers. Though you can also purchase a few other goodies from her as well.

Similar to open-world Syndicate vendors and Baro Ki’Teer, Palladino has a rotating stock of available purchases which change with every real-world week (though, unlike Baro, she doesn’t periodically disappear and remains permanently accessible after finishing Chains of Harrow).

How to Convert Riven Slivers Warframe Palladino

Her inventory refreshes every Monday but is limited during that time — meaning you can only buy a limited number of Riven Mods from Palladino each week. The mods cost 10 Riven Slivers each but other purchases (like large quantities of Kuva or credits) vary in price according to item. Finally, if you forget when her stock will refresh or have difficulty figuring out when it happens according to your time zone, you can always double-check via timers listed above each item in her shop.

And that’s all there is to it when converting Riven Slivers into mods in Warframe! Considering how rare full Rivens can be, it’s a nice extra way to build up your collection with a little less randomness involved. Best of luck getting some good ones!

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