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How to Beat the Void Angel in Warframe: Boss Guide & Tips

Here's how to take down the Void Angel in the new Angels of the Zariman quest!

The Void Angel is a new Warframe boss introduced in the appropriately titled “Angels of the Zariman” update. You first meet one named Kira during the intro mission of the new story-based quest. This first fight isn’t too terrible but has some very annoying quirks that can make it a pain to proceed through. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide on how to beat the Void Angel in Warframe! Let’s take a look at some tips to help you through the fight.

The first Void Angel appears during the “Void Armageddon” mission as you work through Angels of the Zariman. This is actually a brand-new mission type introduced in the update — involving tower defense and resource gathering. You must proceed through the mission until you successfully defend two points. After which, Kira will appear alongside a warning message onscreen that says a “Void Angel” is nearby. You will get a new, red objective marker telling you to seek out and destroy this unique class of enemy.

Early on, the fight itself is mostly very straightforward. The angel lumbers around the arena and is quite easy to attack with normal weapons fire. Corrosive Damage may help, since the Void Angel has relatively high armor. You do not need to use your Void Beam or any other ability at this stage, as you do with the new Thrax enemies in the update. The boss does have multiple health bar segments to burn through, however, and you can only empty one bar at a time. Simply move and shoot (or slash if you prefer) until the first health segment is depleted. This is actually where the real battle begins.

warframe zenurik focus angels of the zariman

The Void Angel will drop to its knees once its first health bar (which is yellow in color) is depleted. After which point two new types of health bar will appear: a full, blue bar and a turquoise gauge which slowly begins to fill. This turquoise gauge is actually a timer; you need to finish this next stage of the fight before it fills all the way up. Failing to do so will cause the Void Angel to regenerate one segment of its yellow health bar (the one you just depleted in normal combat).

The full, blue bar is a Void shield — nearly identical to the type used by Eidolons on Earth. This can only be depleted with Void damage fired by your Operator (or your Drifter Void pistol as the case may be). To do this, you must jump into the giant orb that appears above the Void Angel in its downed state. You do not need to switch to Operator/Drifter form to do this. Just jump at the orb and you will automatically be transported into a special boss arena in your Operator/Drifter form. Your Warframe will remain next to the unconscious angel’s physical body where you left it.

The boss arena is a large ring with the Void Angel floating above a bottomless pit in the center. If you “die” at this stage, you will be kicked out of the boss arena and automatically returned to your Warframe while taking damage. Don’t fret, though! You can jump right back into the large orb above the angel to reenter the arena — so long as the turquoise timer doesn’t fill up all the way.

This is where things get tricky… The Void Angel will shower the outside ring (i.e. wherever you’re standing) with damaging red projectiles. You need to avoid these attacks as best you can, typically by circling around the angel or entering your invisible “Void Mode” (by holding the crouch button). You can also shoot the projectiles out of the air with your Void Beam — this will actually stun the angel if you shoot the projectile when they try to throw one in the physical world. Then use Void Sling (crouch button + jump button) to get around the arena quickly and strafe the angel. This is the best way to maneuver, since your Operator and Drifter forms lack the mobility of your actual Warframe. Once you’re safely away from any incoming red projectiles, you can unload with your Void Beam at the angel. Then get ready to move again once she begins to retarget you.

Even the most basic Void Beam should whittle her shields down very quickly. But the Void Angel will become invincible again once its blue shield bar drops to about 50 percent health. This will summon two new, smaller orbs around the angel inside the arena. These multiple golden balls are tethered to the angel and protect it from harm (as your NPC allies will inform you via radio). You need to use the Void Sling ability in rapid succession to effectively “fly” across the center of the arena — over the bottomless pit — through the golden orbs. Similar to how you might dash through Kuva clouds during Kuva Siphon missions.

warframe void angel boss tips

The protective spheres follow a predictable, circular pattern, but they’re also moving targets with small hitboxes. These were previously tiny targets but have been enlarged in a hotfiix. It may still take you several tries for a Void Sling to actually “register” a hit on the golden balls. Once it does, however, the orbs will explode and leave the Void Angel more-or-less helpless again. You’ll be free to shred through its last half of shields with your Void Beam. Make sure to stand inside the golden bubbles that appear wherever you land after collecting an orb: these boost your damage. After which you will automatically reenter the main level and can simply shoot the Void Angel to death as normal.

As far as tips go, the biggest danger here is actually falling into the bottomless pit. Not the angel itself. Void Mode and Void Sling both drain energy (the blue circle shown at the bottom-right of your HUD). You can string together dashes to effectively fly through the air — from one side of the arena’s ring to the next — but only very briefly. Running out of energy in midair will cause you to drop from the sky and be immediately kicked out of the boss arena. This causes damage to your Warframe and wastes precious time while the angel prepares to regenerate. Because the orbs are so easy to miss, you’ll be tempted to try and “course correct” by spamming the dash back and forth over the pit. This will almost certainly result in running out of energy and falling into nothing.

Instead, take your shot at the orbs, but focus on landing safely on the other side of the arena. Even if you miss! This will let you start recharging your Operator energy before taking another proper run at the orbs. Attempting to “follow” the orbs as they move away from you is much more difficult. They will leave your field of view and you’ll be largely guessing how far they traveled. Resetting and trying again from the outer ring lets you see the orbs more clearly as you make the leap.

Another important thing to note is that Warframe reset all players’ Focus abilities and refunded their Focus points with the Angels of the Zariman update. This means that none of your previously unlocked Focus skills will be active when you first boot up the game. You must go back to your personal ship and reselect them from your skill trees. This includes both Void Siphon and Void Flow from the Zenurik skill tree, if you previously had those unlocked. These Focus skills provide increased Operator energy regeneration and total energy, respectively, which both help immensely in this fight. You can beat the Void Angel without either skill. We tried it ourselves and managed it in a single attempt. Anyone still having trouble with the fight, however, might want to consider unlocking these skills.

warframe voidplume pinion dormant angel

It’s finally worth noting that there are actually two types of Void Angel in Warframe at the moment. The first type is the one you encounter in the fight during the story quest. This is technically a weaker variant called the “Ravenous Void Angel.” A second type, simply called a “Void Angel,” also exists. Though they are nearly identical to their lower-level cousins. A standard Void Angel has more health bars (three instead of two) and more golden orbs during the boss arena stage. It can also attack you with a red shockwave on the ground. This will spear your Warframe into the air — locking you into Operator/Drifter form. You can destroy the spear and free your Warframe: just use Void Sling to dash through it.

Ravenous Void Angels tend to appear in low- to mid-level missions on the Zariman Ten-Zero. They’re especially easy to find as the final boss of the “Void Armageddon” mission type. The stronger Void Angel variant more commonly appear as dormant “statues” semi-hidden during Zariman missions. You need to approach these statues (like the one pictured above) and interact with them to trigger an optional boss fight. The updside to this? Void Angels drop a Void Pinion on death. This is currently the highest tier of Holdfast Standing item in Warframe. You also need them as crafting materials when making the new Incarnon weapons purchased on the Zariman. As such, these optional enemies are well worth seeking out!

That’s really all there is to it! If you can get past the irritating orbs, you should be fine in no time. Just make sure to pick up the loot the Void Angel drops after the fight. You’ll need it for a few new goodies related to the Zariman social hub in Warframe. Best of luck!

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