How to Beat Deviljho – Monster Hunter: World Guide

So you want to defeat Deviljho? The first monster added to Monster Hunter: World after the game’s initial release is no pushover. Our guide will help you find and defeat this fearsome foe.

How to Unlock Deviljho in Monster Hunter: World

Deviljho is not part of the main quest in Monster Hunter: World. Instead, but you unlock this beast after finishing the “???” Rathian investigation as part of the main story. Once this investigation is complete, Deviljho begins appearing in quests and expeditions (similar to Bazelgeuse). Then you’ll be able to take on the Special Assignment “The Food Chain Dominator.” Completing this quest will allow you to take on other quests and investigations for this monster.

Completing this quest itself will also get you the Dragonproof Mantle — which is helpful for fighting Deviljho and some Elder Dragons.

deviljho guide

Fighting Deviljho in Monster Hunter: World

Deviljho is a Dragon elemental monster and incredibly tough to deal with, compared to other non-Elder Dragon beasts. He’s more agile than you’d expect for a monster of its size and can ram into you easily. On top of that, if there’s a smaller monster in the area, Deviljho has no qualms picking it up and swinging the smaller foe around. It can be quite the surprise!

While Deviljho is a large monster, it’s not an Elder Dragon. So you can attempt to trap and capture (or just slow down) the beast. But this foe isn’t like other monsters; Deviljho can still attack if caught in a pit trap and break out of shock traps very quickly. Take care if you’re trying to capture!

When Deviljho gets enraged, the monster breathes a nasty Dragon Breath, It’s both very damaging and can cause the Defense Down status effect. With Deviljho’s high attack power, Defense Down can be a real killer. An Adamant Seed, Armorskin, or Mega Armorskin potions can reverse the effect. The latter two drinks even give you boosted armor to boot!

Deviljho breath can also cause Dragonblight, which cancels out your elemental attack properties. Since Deviljho is weak to a lot of elements, Dragonblight can really hobble your damage output. Make sure to bring Nulberries to cancel it out.

Deviljho Armor Set

Deviljho’s armor set is Rank 7, as opposed to Rank 8, so you take a bit of a defense hit while using it instead of Elder Dragon armor. However, this set offers other advantages you can use.

The Alpha version of this set offers the following skills:

Partbreaker Level 3 – Does 30 percent more damage when attacking a monster’s “part.” Parts usually include the tail, head, wings, or extremities… So basically anything but the body. Breaking parts can hobble monsters and provide more rare drops, too.

Handicraft Level 3 – Adds 30 weapon sharpness, provided there is space left in the weapon’s maximum sharpness gauge.

Speed Eating Level 3 – Eat and drink items significantly faster (trust me, it’s really fast at Level 3).

Latent Power Level 3 – After taking 180 damage and/or if a battle lasts more than five minutes, gain 30 percent increased affinity and 30 percent stamina usage reduction for 90 seconds.

The Beta version of this set offers significantly more spots for decorations than the Alpha set, at the cost of the Handicraft skill and two Partbreaker levels. I don’t usually advocate one version of the armor set over the other, but the Beta version of this set allows for a ton of customization options. It’s the better option if you want to build a more specialized set of gear.

Oddly enough, you do not gain any special skills when equipping multiple pieces of the armor set — unlike most high-rank armor. It might be best to pick or choose a couple pieces with favorable skills that work well with other armor sets… provided you don’t mind messing up the fashion end of things. Otherwise, you can use Layered Armor to maintain style points.

deviljho guide

Tips for Beating Deviljho

Deviljho is pretty weak to most elements. Funnily enough, Deviljho is weakest to its own element: Dragon. The monster is also weak to Thunder and somewhat weak to Fire and Water. Basically, as long as you don’t bring an Ice weapon to the fight, you’re good!

Deviljho will attack any monster it comes across. It can be dangerous, but you can use the turf wars to distract Deviljho while doomg some damage. Otherwise, take the chance to heal up. However, if the monster is on the smaller side, make sure to scare it away with Dung Pods. Deviljho will use weaker creatures as a weapon to batter you! And, as always, be careful if Bazelgeuse appears on the scene.

The Rocksteady Mantle is super helpful. A lot of Deviljho’s attacks will knock you around. The Rocksteady Mantle will prevent you from getting knocked down a lot and lower the chance of being stunned.