Hitman 3 Farah Quest Guide – Coconuts, Cigar Box, & the Ruins

The latest Hitman 3 quest involves finding coconuts, a cigar box, and investigating the militia-controlled ruins for Farah.

The latest batch of DLC for IO Interactive’s Hitman 3 has officially been released. Set on the pirate-infested Ambrose Island, Agent 47 is tasked with killing a fixer called Noel Crest and the pirate queen, Shini “Akka” Venthan. Similar to other Hitman missions, you’ll be left on your own to figure out how to efficiently kill these targets without being caught or killed. While there are several methods to complete this contract, one involves finding coconuts, a cigar box, and investigating the militia-controlled ruins for Farah.

Here’s how to complete the Hitman 3 Farah quest and get both of our targets in one area:

How to Complete Farah’s Quest

Hitman 3 Coconuts Farah

Speak to Farah

To begin this sidequest, you will need to follow the path through the jungle until you reach the village. You’ll see a group of locals arm wrestling outside of a busy bar. Approach the woman in the orange headwrap (circled above) at the top of the stairs and speak to her. This is Farah, and she will agree to help if you can locate some coconuts for her.

Where to Find Coconuts

Hitman Farah Coconuts

Now, originally, when I covered this step of the quest I thought the only coconuts were located in a guarded area. Turns out there’s a hidden coconut you can snag without putting yourself in harm’s way. Face the bar where you spoke to Farah and take the path on the left. This will lead you to a beach that’s being patrolled by some pirates and civilians.

Hitman Farah Coconuts

While on the beach, look for the flaming barrel and head into the cave across the water. Once inside, the path will split so go to the right. If you stay on the left you’ll run into some militia forces and a camera. Along the cave wall, there will be a coconut nestled among the rocks. I recommend using your Assassin Vision since it can be a bit tricky to locate without it. After getting the coconut, make your way back to Farah and give her the fruit. She will thank you for the help and ask Agent 47 to complete another task. This time you’ll need to locate a cigar box that was stolen from her.

Where to Find the Cigar Box

From the bar, face the path you initially came down and head left into a small alleyway (shown above). you will be flanked by raised homes on your left and right, so continue down the path and make the first right you come across.

This should lead you up a flight of stairs (shown above). Go up the stairs and head left towards the two small shacks. One of them will be inaccessible and is blasting very loud dance music, while the other has two older women hanging around it. Go to the front of the house, climb through the window, and pick up the Apology Letter on the table. Reading it will inform Agent 47 that the cigar box has been buried somewhere close. Before you leave the apartment make sure to grab the shovel leaning against the wall!

With the shove in hand, head outside to the small shed right by the shack. Look for a fire barrel and walk to the spot shown in the photo above. You will see a small prompt to dig if you’re holding the shovel. Upon digging in this spot, you’ll uncover the cigar box for Farah. Drop the shovel and head back to Farah at the bar. After giving it to her, she will ask you to complete one more task. This time, you will need to infiltrate the militia-controlled ruins to see what happened to the person she captured.

Where to Find the Prisoner in the RuinsHitman 3 Ruins

After speaking to Farah, go back to the beach you went to when hunting down the coconut. However, instead of going into the cave system, continue along the left and go up the large hill. Follow the hill back down to another beach that has some militia guards watching the stairs and some boats along the coast.

Hitman 3 Ruins

Instead of going up the stairs, stay along the left side of the beach. Along the cliffs on the right, you’ll find a vine that Agent 47 can grab and climb up. Use this to get behind the guards and hide in the bushes from anyone walking by. Once the chef has walked by, use a coin to lure one of the two guards into the bushes, knock him out, and take his clothing. I recommend saving before this because the chefs can sometimes catch you.

Hitman 3 Ruins

Once you have the outfit, go up the stairs past the chefs and hang a right. You’ll want to be cautious as there are quite a few people who can see through your disguise. Because of this, I recommend going slow to ensure you aren’t suspected of trespassing.

Hitman 3 Ruins

Do not go up the stairs to the very top of the ruins. Instead, turn left halfway up the stairs and go through the small door in the ruins. This will lead you inside the prison where a few guards are hanging around.

When you enter the prison, look for the open door on the right. There will be two guards stationed here, one of which can see through your disguise. Wait until that guard is leaning against the opening in the wall and slip past him. Around the corner, you will find a crate you can hide bodies in and a small half-wall you can hide behind. Now use your coin to bring each guard over to you so you can knock them out and stuff them in the box.

Hitman 3 Ruins

After both guards are knocked out, take the Rusty Key one drops and open the cell on the left. Inside you will find Farah’s deceased contact chained to a wall. Take a photo of the body with your camera and then enter the cell directly across from it. In this cell, you will find the militia’s armory and a bag of gunpowder in the corner next to some crates.

Hitman 3 Ruins

Before you go back to Farah, head up to the top of the ruins and run by the guard next to the table. Beyond the generator, take a right and approach the cannon that’s facing Farah’s bar. Behind it you’ll find a cannonball, so pick that up and put both it and the gunpowder from the cell into the cannon. Now return to Farah and give her the photo. This will cause her to go speak with Akka who will become enraged that one of her own was killed by the militia.

Return to the ruins and hang out by the loaded cannon and wait until the meeting between Akka and Noel begins. You can now fire the cannon, which will blow up the building they are inside, killing them both. So long as someone doesn’t see you physically firing the cannon, you will still maintain a Silent Assassin rating. Alternatively, you can always snipe both of the targets from this vantage point or try to kill them up close. The method of execution is up to you, I just found the cannon far more entertaining.