Halo Reach MCC Season Pass Guide – End Date, How to Unlock Armor, Fast Leveling

The return of Halo: Reach has been a big one. Available on both Xbox One and PC, the 2010 title comes with some changes to the cosmetics system. Rather than simply accruing and spending credits, you rank up and earn Season Points to unlock things from the Season Pass. But how does this new system work? Is that how you actually unlock armor? When is the Season 1 end date? We’ve got all that plus tips on how to level up quickly below!

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Halo Reach Season Pass 1 End Date

With the Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries isn’t handling season passes like you would expect. Unlike other titles, season passes in the collection will never end. They won’t go away even when new season passes launch. You’ll always be able to go back and grind for whatever collectible you want.

In addition, those Season Points you earn are cross title. Points earned played Halo: Reach, for example, can be used for whatever season pass comes next. Even if it’s for another title.

How To Unlock Armor

As we mentioned, you unlock armor and all cosmetics via Season Points which are earned every time you level up. One Season Pass point unlocks a single tier on any season pass.

Right now you have to unlock the season pass ranks in order. If you want that Inclement Weather Armor Effect at Tier 79, you’re going to have to unlock the previous 78 ranks first. 343 says the team is “investigating additional ways to offer choices in how content unlocks going forward.”

Fastest Way to Level Up

The fastest way to level up in Halo Reach, or any other future MCC title, is by playing multiplayer. Try to stay alive and do as well as possible. If seems as if you might earn more XP based on your performance. You earn no XP through campaign missions at the moment. Firefight does provide some XP but multiplayer is currently the fastest way to gain levels.

You can gain up to 100 Season Points from your first 100 rank increases. Leveling up beyond that will give you no rewards. In the future, 343 plans on adding challenges which will help speed up your season pass progression. It sounds like this may entirely replace the leveling system that the game currently uses.

Halo: MCC Season Pass 2 Info

What’s next? We don’t know! 343 Industries has commented on what content will be made available. In short, if it was available in the release titles, expect to see it return.

Our goal is for players to unlock all the Halo: Reach season items within a reasonable time frame and in far less time than it took to earn them all in Halo: Reach on the 360. With respect to unlocks, we have ensured that Halo: MCC includes all content that was ever playable in Halo: Reach on the 360, including the ones that were previously tied to preorders, limited editions, and limited time grants. We are even digging through the vault to see what else could possibly be offered at a later time.

We’ll keep you updated if any of this information changes. Now go unlock some cosmetics!