Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges List Guide – Tips for Quick Completion

With the addition of a battle pass, the Halo franchise has joined just about every other multiplayer game out there. Since there are no XP gains from simply playing Halo Infinite, you’ll need to complete daily and weekly challenges to rank up that Heroes of Reach battle pass. In this guide, we catalog all of the weekly challenges we’ve been able to find while also presenting some tips and tricks to help you get them done in time. After all, you don’t want to miss out on that weekly ultimate reward, do you?

343 Updating Weekly Challenges

In a recent tweet thread, John Junyszek, Community Manager at 343 announced some upcoming changes. In short, challenges will be reset this week as the developers push out these updates. Since this will keep most people from completing their challenges in time, everyone who plays between November 23 and November 30 will be given this week’s Ultimate Reward, the Sigil Mark VII Visor, for free.

Here are the changes:

  • Adding “Play 1 Game challenges” to help players make consistent progress every match.
  • Will be adjusting some existing weekly challenges and fixing others that are bugged.
  • Removing some too specific or difficult challenges.
  • XP Boosts will now last one hour instead of 30 minutes.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled guide!

Halo Infinite Weekly Challenge Tips

  • As you may have noticed, the Tier 1 weekly challenges don’t need to be completed in PVP. You can instead hop into the Bot Bootcamp to earn these. If that’s not your thing, by all means, just play the game. But if you’re in a rush, this is the way to get it done.
  • Get your playlist challenges out of the way first. There’s no getting around playing three Capture the Flag matches. Do it and you’ll likely complete some other challenges along the way.
    • Unfortunately, during the beta, you can’t just choose a game mode. All of the available playlists have a variety of game modes, so pick your favorite and just play for now. You’ll probably be able to choose once the full launch is released.
  • Quick Play matches are much faster if you need completions.
    • There are also fewer people competing for weapons, so it can be easier to get specific weapon kills.
  • Know when to reroll. Challenges where all you need to do is play and they’ll eventually be completed should be kept. The optimal quests to reroll are ones with specific conditions, like destroying three enemy wasps. You’ll really need to go out of your way to do that.
  • Some challenges appear to be bugged. Though it doesn’t happen to everyone, you may be able to complete yours just fine. Despite getting a kill with the Heatwave, my challenge remained uncompleted.
  • Premium Battle Pass owners get an extra weekly challenge slot, meaning they can work towards four challenges at once instead of three.
  • These challenges are drawn from a random pool after every week. Don’t expect to keep your progress or see the same one too often.
  • 343 Industries says the pools are so large that you shouldn’t be competing for challenges against your teammates. Hopefully, that remains true and you can get your hands on the weapons you need!
  • Completing all of your weekly battle pass challenges in a week will net you about five levels on your battle pass.
  • If you complete every weekly challenge during Season 1, you’ll earn a total of 115 ranks. Not quite enough to max out the Heroes of Reach pass and also the Fracture event for this season.

Tier 1 Weekly Challenges

This is the easiest tier of weekly challenges. Most can be completed in two or three matches and it’s not impossible to knock multiple out in a long Big Team Battle. These reward 200 XP each for a total of 1,600 XP per week.

  • Kill five enemy Spartans with the Commando Rifle.
  • Kill five enemy Spartans with the Assault Rifle.
  • Kill five enemy Spartans with the Battle Rifle.
  • Kill one enemy Spartan with the Bulldog.
  • Kill one enemy Spartan with the Mangler.
  • Kill one enemy Spartan with the Warthog’s Chaingun.
  • Kill three enemy Spartans in Slayer.
  • Complete two matches.
  • Complete three Quick Play matches.
  • Complete one Total Control match.
  • Win a Quick Play match.

Tier 2 Weekly Challenges

You may need to put in a bit more effort for these challenges. Some sport higher numbers than their Tier 1 counterparts. For example, in Tier 1, you may need to kill five Spartans with a particular weapon. In Tier 2, you’ll need 15. These reward 250 XP each for a total of 2,000 XP per week.

  • Kill 15 enemy Spartans with the Commando Rifle in PVP.
  • Kill 15 enemy Spartans with the Sidekick Pistol in PVP.
  • Kill 10 enemy Spartans with a melee attack.
  • Kill five enemy Spartans with the Gungoose’s Grenade Launcher in PVP.
  • Kill five enemy Spartans with the Wraith’s Plasma Mortar in PVP.
  • Kill five enemy Spartans with the Shade Turret in PVP.
  • Kill an enemy Spartan with the Heatwave in PVP.
  • Kill an enemy Spartan with the Sniper Rifle in PVP.
  • Kill an enemy Spartan with the Stalker Rifle in PVP.
  • Kill three enemy Spartans attacking a friendly zone in PVP.
  • Complete two Big Team Battle matches in PVP.
  • Win a Stockpile match in PVP.
  • Win any two PVP matches.
  • Win three Quick Play matches.
  • Capture three enemy flags in PVP.
  • Grapple Shot an enemy Spartan in PVP.

Tier 3 Weekly Challenges

One smaller set of challenges before you unlock the Capstone. Some of these are easier than others. A few require specific situations or particular vehicle kills which are obviously harder to get. Each rewards 300 XP for a total of 1,200 XP per week.

  • Kill 10 enemy Spartans with a headshot in PVP.
  • Kill 10 enemy Spartans with the Needler in PVP.
  • Kill three enemy Spartans with the Fusion Coil in PVP.
  • Kill five enemy Spartans from behind with a melee attack in PVP.
  • Kill five enemy Spartans by flattening them with the Repulsor in PVP.
  • Destroy three enemy Wasps in PVP.
  • Win three Capture the Flag matches in PVP.
  • Headshot an enemy Spartan immediately after damaging them with a Grenade in PVP.

Completing all of your challenges will net you 4,800 XP per week which is good enough for almost five levels on your 100 level battle pass. Keep in mind that you’ll also be earning progress via your daily challenges.

Capstone Challenges

If you manage to go through your entire list of weekly challenges, you’ll unlock one final Capstone challenge to earn that week’s Ultimate Reward. For example, launch week’s reward is the Sigil Visor for the MARK VII armor core.

We obviously haven’t gotten far enough to unlock ours just yet, but the following example was provided by 343:

  • Kill 15 enemy Spartans with a Headshot in PVP.

Again, doesn’t seem too hard. 343 has repeatedly stated it doesn’t want Halo Infinite to be your full-time job. Playing a few nights a week should be more than enough to keep up. The only real-time limitation is the Ultimate Rewards, but those will likely cycle back around eventually.