GTA Online Casino Heist Setup Guide – Approach Options & Setup Steps

Last month, Rockstar released the Diamond Casino Heist for Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s been hailed as the the game’s biggest and most elaborate heist to date. In addition to choosing an approach to the mission, there are several steps that you must take before you’re able to embark, including buying an arcade and hiring a crew. In this GTA Online Casino Heist Setup guide, we’ll broadly run down the major parts of the prep stage, including what arcades are available for purchase, how to case the joint, and the three different approach options.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist – Scoping it Out

Step One: Buy an Arcade

To initiate the heist, first find Lester in Mirror Park, which is located in the East Vinewood neighborhood. He’ll let you know that in order to get things rolling, you need to buy an arcade property. There are a few different properties to choose from, which can be found on EyeFind, the in-game web browser.

  • Pixel Pete’s Located in Paleto Bay. Costs $1,235,000.
  • Wonderama – Located in Grapeseed. Costs $1,565,000.
  • Videogeddon – Located in La Mesa. Costs $1,875,000.
  • Insert Coint – Located in Rockford Hills. Costs $2,345,000.
  • Warehouse – Located in Davis. Costs $2,135,000.
  • Eight-Bit – Located in Vinewood. Costs $2,530,000.

Once you’ve made your purchase, head over to your new property to deck it out with new gear.

Step Two: Get Some Gear for the Arcade

The “Arcade Equipment” mission tasks you with running down a truck full of equipment. Head on over to the Post Op Depository, locate the truck, and take out the driver. Once you do, take the truck for yourself and return to your new arcade.

Step Three: Scope the Diamond Casino

The next step requires you to head to the Diamond Casino. This step is split into two different missions—one for the points of entry and one for the contents of the casino’s vault. Note that most of these objectives are optional. The first mission asks you to find all the access points into the casino. Here’s where they are:

  • The main door – Front of the building.
  • The side doors – There are security doors on each side of the building; one on the left side and one in the back.
  • The roof terrace – There are four doors you need to spot here: one next to the pool, one behind the bar, and two at the end of the path that begins on the ledge below the left side of the pool.
  • The security tunnel – Underneath the racetrack at the rear of the casino is a tunnel.
  • The roof – There are two security doors on either side of the helipad.
  • The sewer – There’s a storm drain across the street from the casino. Hop in and snap a pic of the grate inside.

Don’t forget to send Lester pictures of all the guards and security cameras you find! Once you’ve taken pictures of all the major entry points and security elements in the casino, it’s time to return to HQ and plan your approach.

outside casino

GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist – Choosing an Approach

The next step is to choose an approach to your mission. There are three options.

Option One: The Aggressive Approach

This is the choice for you if you like gunplay. Choosing this approach requires you to complete the following objectives:

  • Get unmarked weapons
  • Find your getaway cars
  • Get a hacking device
  • Snag some security key cards
  • Snag some vault key cards
  • Get explosive charges

Option Two: The Silent and Sneaky Approach

If stealth is your game, then you’ll want this option. Here are the mandatory objectives for this approach:

  • Get unmarked weapons
  • Find your getaway cars
  • Get a hacking device
  • Snag some vault key cards
  • Find a nano drone
  • Get a laser to break into the vault

Option Three: The “Big Con” Approach

This is a full-blown heist movie production, and probably the most ambitious approach for the casino heist. Here’s what you’ll have to do in order to prepare:

  • Get unmarked weapons
  • Find your getaway cars
  • Get a hacking device
  • Snag some vault key cards
  • Find a disguise
  • Get some vault drills

Each approach also includes a number of optional objectives that you can complete in order to get gear that will further assist you in the mission.

Once you’ve managed to get through all the above, it’s time to get the heist underway! Did this guide help you get prepared for the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online? Let us know in the comments section!