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How To Do Group Stretching in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Get your exercises in.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 has launched earlier, so it’s time to remind all your abandoned villagers that you are still alive. Along with the Happy Home Paradise DLC, which launches later today, the free update introduces a wealth of new features and items for you to customize your island with.

One of the newest features is a group stretching minigame that you can do with your villager and residents. (Think of the morning aerobics in the original Animal Crossing.) While it was teased in the reveal trailer, the game actually never mentions this even exists, which can be a little confusing. If you want to do some yoga with your residents, here’s how to start and play the group stretching minigame.

How to Start the Group Stretching Minigame

Once you load up your island, make your way to the Town Hall. Instead of going inside, interact with the boombox in the crate by the door. You will be informed that there’s a group stretching mix inside and then asked if you want to start the minigame.

What happens next will depend on whether you’re using the Joy-Cons or a controller. For the former, you’ll need to move the Joy-Cons in the motions displayed at the bottom of your screen. These will loosely mimic the movements you and your villagers are performing. Inversely, controller users will just be moving the left analog stick and pressing A or B to perform specific stretches.

And what do you get for wasting time enjoying a group activity with your friends? Furniture? Perhaps cool workout clothing? Maybe a new ordinance? Nothing. You get nothing. There’s really no reason to do this minigame unless you’re looking for a photo opportunity or couldn’t buy Ring Fit Adventure, making this is the next best thing on the Switch. So don’t worry about missing anything associated with this minigame; it’s really not worth the effort.

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As for other additions the 2.0 update offers, players can now enact ordinances that will change aspects of your island. For example, if you’re tired of pulling weeds, you can pay 20,000 Bells for the Beautiful Island ordinance. It’ll make your residents help with keeping the island clean. Alternatively, the Bell Boom ordinance increases the purchase and selling costs of goods.

There’s also a new cafe opening in the museum, which you can visit along with new islands you can explore via Kappa’s boat. Players can also set up farms to grow a variety of different vegetables and plants. All of this is free for players to enjoy with the Happy Home Paradise DLC, which costs $25.

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