Ghostwire: Tokyo Katashiro Guide – How to Get Katashiro and Level Up Fast

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It’s time to explore a paranormal open world with Ghostwire: Tokyo, the latest game from Tango Gameworks. The story introduces you to a recreation of Tokyo infested by a strange fog, opening the door to all sorts of spirits into our realm. Alongside the main chapters, you can expect an array of side missions, dozens of collectibles, and tons of exploration to do. This guide focuses on the Ghostwire: Tokyo Katashiro, which is an extremely useful item for leveling up fast.

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How to Get Katashiro in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Katashiro is an item in Ghostwire: Tokyo used to capture spirits that roam the city. Each Katashiro can hold one spirit that you find around the city, but each spirit accounts for dozens to hundreds of spirits in total for you to cash in. You can then use any phonebooth you find around the city and turned them over in exchange for Meika and experience.

By default, you start with only 10 Katashiro but can increase that limit with the following:

  • Purchase more Katashiro at convenience stores for 3,000 Meika
  • Cleanse certain torii gates and grab the Katashiro inside
  • Completing a certain number of Handicraft Nekomata requests
  • Completing side missions

These are the basics — you’re going to stumble upon many spirits up for grabs as you’re playing, and you should focus on them if you want to speed up your level progression.

How to Level Up Fast in Ghostwire: Tokyo

The Ghostwire: Tokyo Katashiro is a mandatory item if you want to level up fast in the game. Having 10 Katashiro by default comes in handy, but you’re going to want to get as many of them as possible as you go. I recommend spending 3,000 Meika occasionally to get to at least 15 of them, while cleansing torii gates and visiting the occasional shrines among them can help you to get to 20 Katashiro easily.

The trick is to get used to always absorbing spirits until you’ve filled up all your current Katashiro. Honestly, there are phone booths pretty much everywhere, so you won’t have any trouble finding one to turn them in. During early levels, doing so always gave me one level each time I cashed in, which is huge. The overall returns gradually diminish the higher your level and it becomes slower, of course, but having more Katashiro so you can absorb more spirits at once is the key to making up for it.

Ghostwire Tokyo Katashiro 2

Overall, it’s a quick process, and you have the chance of sometimes getting a story snippet after reaching certain milestones — there are trophies related to spirit collecting as well, but that’s for completionist purposes only. It certainly helps that you can find spirits in tons of places as you roam around the city, from streets to alleyways and on rooftops as well. They’re a common occurrence, so always stop to fill some of your Katashiro. If you happen to stumble upon a corruption site, that is also a handy way of obtaining spirits. You can also obtain a perk in the skill tree that speeds up spirit absorption.

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All in all, don’t ignore the usefulness of the Ghostwire: Tokyo Katashiro. You’re going to be gaining levels more often than if you were just doing missions.