Genshin Impact Valberry Guide – Valberry Location & Use Guide

Genshin Impact is all about increasing your party’s power so you can progress through the story and slay more dangerous monsters. Similar to other adventure games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players will need to harvest resources to not only buff their gear but give them additional bonuses. One such item is the Valberry, which is located in the northern region of Genshin Impact’s world. Used in both Noelle and Lisa’s ascension, this item is absolutely crucial for anyone who wants to use these characters in their party. Here’s where to find the Valberry, how to harvest it, and what items it’s currently used for.

Where to Find Valberry

Like other fauna such as Wolfhook, Valberry can only be found in very limited locations which makes farming both easy and an absolute pain. If you are looking to snatch up this crafting material, you will need to head to either Stormbearer Point or Stormbearer Mountain in the northern portion of the Mondstadt region. These are the only places it will spawn, so if you want to farm Valberry you’ll be spending a lot of time along these cliffs. Thankfully, you can visit this area almost immediately, which is great since Lisa will be added to your party about two hours into the story. Even though she’s not a top tier character, the close proximity of Valberry makes hitting her Ascension Ranks a little easier.

If you do want to farm Valberry, remember that crafting materials only spawn every 49 real-world hours. This means once you’ve harvested all the Valberry in Stormbearer Point, you’ll need to wait until they respawn. If you plan on using Lisa or Noelle, I strongly recommend you harvest these items whenever you’re on. Doing so will limit the amount of time you spend waiting and just running around these two points of interest.

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I give all the credit in the world to those behind this superb interactive Genshin Impact map below.

Northern Mondstadt


Valberry Use

The Valberry is used solely in raising both Lisa and Noelle’s Ascension Ranks. One of a few materials tied to each rank, you’ll need to harvest a total of 168 Valberries for each character. Unfortunately, Valberries are not used in crafting any weapons, food, or potions, so there’s no reason to pick these up unless you’re using either of these characters. If you’re planning on pulling for Rosaria during Patch 1.4, however, you may want to stock up now as she will use them as well.

For the unfamiliar, Lisa is an Electro mage who revolves around hurling lightning orbs at enemies and debuffing enemies by hitting them with her Lightning Rose attack. Inversely, Noelle is a Geo character who can act as a tank, absorbing damage from enemies and mitigating your parties health when it drops below 30%. Of the two, Noelle is definitely the better option if you can’t snag a Barbara to be your tank/healer. Noelle can take a lot of punishment and her ability to protect your party is quite nice.