Genshin Impact Nilotpala Guide – Nilotpala Lotus Locations & Uses

Where to find the Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus locations and its uses.

The Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus is one of the latest materials to arrive in the game, and it’s one in particular that can’t be purchased in shops. The 3.0 update of the ever-increasing RPG has brought upon dozens of new additions, but not everything is going to be laid out and explained from the get-go. This guide dives into the Nilotpala Lotus locations, how to harvest it, as well as the uses for the material around your characters.

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Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus Locations – Where to Find the Nilotpala

If you’re looking to harvest Nilotpala Lotus, you’re in luck, as there are several locations to pick from. Nilotpala is usually found close to riverbanks and lakes, but there are a few key locations in which you’re likely to spot them more often.

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You can find Nilotpala in the following locations:

  • Close to Vanarana, both in the lake that is surrounded by trees, and up north in the vertical-shaped riverbank found towards the southern corner of the area
  • In the outskirts of Ruins of Dahri, as you’re heading down towards Apam Woods
  • South of Vimara Village, following the riverside towards Port Ormos
  • From the previous location, there are Nilotpala laying around Devantaka Mountain, scattered in the riverbanks within
  • Northwest of Chatrakam Cave, near the island that is slightly to the right in the lake up north
  • Around Alcazarzaray near water level
  • Scattered across the riverbank that is north of the Chinvat Ravine’s island
  • South of Chinvat Ravine, as you head towards Gandharva Ville
  • There are a few more east of Gandha Hill as you’re making your way to Fuao Vale

In order to harvest it, all you need to do is approach the material and interact with it. It’s a fairly simple task, although you may have to swim to get to some of them, so keep that in mind.

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Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus Uses

If you’re wondering what are the uses for the Nilotpala Lotus, well, there aren’t many of them for the time being. You can find the two current uses below:

  • Tighnari uses Nilotpala for its ascension (3x Nilotpala, 10x Nilotpala, 20x Nilotpala, 30x Nilotpala, 45x Nilotpala, and 60x Nilotpala for each of the ascension phases, as well as other materials of course)
  • You also need Nilotpala to craft the Dendroculus Resonance Stone, alongside 5 Rukkhashava Mushroom, 1 Crystal Chunk, and 500 Mora — this is a consumable gadget accessed via alchemy after you’ve reached Reputation level 8 in Sumeru to obtain the recipe. After equipping it, you can use it to search for the nearest Dendroculus around your vicinity. If one is found, the item is automatically consumed

That is all you need to know about the Genshin Impact Nilotpala material for the time being. Have fun gathering it, and hey, maybe grab a snorkel as well.