Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Gifts & Flowers Guide

Here's who likes what when you're doling out gifts in Fire Emblem: Three Houses!

Early on in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’ll come across some items that don’t seem to do anything on their own. These are typically personal effects, like training equipment or fashion accessories. You might be wondering what you’re supposed to do with these gifts in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Well, we’ve got all the details right here. Let’s take a look in our latest guide!

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If you’re looking for quick ways to increase Support among the many Three Houses characters, gifts are one way to do so. Keep in mind that each student has likes and dislikes. Gifts do not work the same way as lost items in Fire Emblem: There Houses, where you can only give the correct option to a given character. There are some gifts here that when given to the wrong person may actually decrease support.

You can earn gifts through quests, though they can also be purchased. In month nine of the Fodlan calendar, two gift shops will open up where you can purchase these items. But each type of present can only be purchased once per month. Later on in the game, after the time skip, yet another shop opens up.

We’ve also included flowers in the gift list below. However, they’re different in that they cannot be purchased. These can only be obtained through the Monastery garden.

Keep in mind that you some characters may not be able to receive your gifts depending on your house!

Fire Emblem Three Houses – Gifts & Flowers List

Figuring out which Fire Emblem: Three Houses gifts belong to whom is a fun way of getting to know the different personalities of the characters in the game. But if you want a reference, just to make sure everyone gets what they want, we have a list of which item belongs to whom. Just look below!


  • Alois: Floral Adornment, Fishing Float, Ancient Coin, Sunflower
  • Catherine: Whetstone, Training Weight, Legends of Chivalry, Blue Cheese
  • Cyril: Smoked Meat, Hunting Dagger, Watering Can, Baby’s Breath
  • Flayn: Tasty Baked Treat, Stylish Hair Clip, Dapper Handkerchief, Armored Bear Stuffy, Forget-me-nots
  • Gilbert: Fishing Float, Goddess Statuette, Ceremonial Sword
  • Hanneman: Dapper Handkerchief, Tea Leaves, Arithmetic Textbook, Book of Crest Designs
  • Manuela: Gemstone Beads, Goddess Statuette, Book of Sheet Music, Blue Cheese
  • Rhea: Goddess Statuette, Ancient Coin
  • Seteth: Fishing Float, Dapper Handkerchief, The History of Fodlan
  • Shamir: Hunting Dagger, Sunflower, Exotic Spices, Book of Sheet Music

Golden Deer:

  • Claude: Board Game, Exotic Spices, Riding Boots
  • Hilda: Armored Bear Stuffy, Book of Sheet Music, Dapper Handkerchief, Gemstones Beads, Stylish Hair Clip
  • Ignatz: Goddess Statuette, Ancient Coin, Forget-me-nots, Ceremonial Swords, Landscape Painting
  • Leonie: Fishing Float, Hunting Dagger, Training Weight
  • Lorenz: Book of Sheet Music, Floral Adornment, Tea Leaves
  • Lysithea: Tasty Baked Treat, Armored Bear Stuffy, Lily
  • Marianne: Floral Adornment, Dapper Handkerchief, Armored Bear Stuffy
  • Raphael: Tasty Baked Treat, Training Weight, Smoked Meat

Blue Lions:

  • Annette: Stylish Hair Clip, Book of Sheet Music, Arithmetic Textbook
  • Ashe: Tasty Baked Treat, Legends of Chivalry, Ancient Coin, Violet
  • Dedue: Floral Adornment, Watering Can, Exotic Spices
  • Dimitri: Whetstone, Training Weight, Riding Boots, Ceremonial Sword
  • Felix: Smoked Meat, Hunting Dagger, Training Weight, Ceremonial Sword
  • Ingrid: Smoked Meat, Riding Boots, Legends of Chivalry
  • Mercedes: Tasty Baked Treat, Gemstone Beads, Armored Bear Stuffy, Goddess Statuette, Lavender
  • Sylvain: Dapper Handkerchief, Board Game, Landscape Painting

Black Eagles:

  • Bernadetta: Watering Can, Dapper Handkerchief, Armored Bear Stuffy, Pitcher Plant
  • Caspar: Smoked Meat, Hunting Dagger, Whetstone, Training Weight
  • Dorothea: Gemstone Beads, Stylish Hair Clip, Book of Sheet Music
  • Edelgard: Armored Stuffy Bear, Board Game
  • Ferdinand: Whetstone, Riding Boots, Tea Leaves
  • Hubert: Board Game, Coffee Beans, The History of Fodlan
  • Linhardt: Fishing Float, Tasty Baked Treat, Book of Crest Designs
  • Petra: Smoked Meat, Hunting Dagger, Sunflower, Exotic Spices