Final Fantasy 7 Remake Party Never Stops Guide – FF7 Pharmacy Medicine Locations

It seems like no matter where Cloud goes there are always random townsfolk waiting to give him busywork in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The Wall Market is no different, as you’ll need to kill time while waiting for Aerith to get dressed up by Madame M. One of the side quests you’ll gain access is to is The Party Never Stops which tasks Cloud with helping a store owner find his drunken father. This is a lengthy, but fairly easy quest that has you running all throughout the Wall Market and completing small missions for different store owners. One of these people is the pharmacist, who asks Cloud to deliver medicine to sick individuals throughout the town.

How to Heal the Sick Townsfolk

Similar to previous steps in this quest, your success rate will entirely depend on the current level of your Cleansing Materia. Meaning, if your Materia is only at level 1 you can only heal the first person, while a level 3 Materia owner can cure all three people. You only need to heal one person to progress the quest, but helping out the other two will earn you some rare items. There are no mini-games you need to play, so if your level is high enough just go speak to the correct sick person to heal them.

FF7 Remake Sick Person 1

First Sick Person’s Location

Pharmacist Description: If I had to guess where a sick person’d end up, I’d say the toilet. Maybe in a shop nearby?

You can find the first sick person in the local bar where you previously discovered the tailor’s drunk father. From exiting the pharmacy, take a right towards the clothing shop and then hang a left at the first major fork in the road. Head up the first flight of stairs facing Don Corneo’s palace and enter the large bar on your left. Run all the way to the back, enter the bathrooms, and speak to the poor guy puking his guts out in the toilet. Cloud will heal him and can now return to the Pharmacist to progress the quest.

FF7 Remake Sick Person 2

Second Sick Person’s Location

Pharmacist Description: You might find the second customer with the drunks usually passed out behind the gym.

Your second customer is in an alleyway behind the gym, but you won’t have access via the building itself. After exiting the pharmacy, hang a right towards the clothing shop once again. Now turn right when you see Chadley and enter an alley by a little restaurant with a guy and his dog out front. Progress through the left side of the alleyway until you reach what appears to be a dead end. You should see a hole in the left wall that Cloud can crouch through, giving you access to the second sick person. Remember you need to possess a level 2 Cleansing Materia to heal this man otherwise you’ll be unable to help him.

FF7 Remake Sick Person 3

Third Sick Person’s Location

Pharmacist Description: The third wandered down the wrong side street, I’m thinking. There’s a real narrow alley right behind the massage parlor. Only the locals seem to know it’s even there.

You’ll be told that the third sick person is somewhere behind the massage parlor, but this is an especially deceptive description. The truth is, you’ll find the final ill drunk in an alleyway that’s only vaguely near Madame M’s establishment. This time when you exit the pharmacy turn left instead of right and run towards the massage parlor. Directly next to the bank on the right you’ll see a tiny entrance with a movement prompt for Cloud. Approach the prompt, slip into the alleyway, and take the first right once you can run around again. All the way at the end of the alley is the last person throwing up against a wall. Similar to the second sick person, this one can only be healed if your Cleansing Materia is at level 3.