Final Fantasy 7 Remake Fat Chocobo Guide – How to Get the Fat Chocobo Summon in FF7

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is full of wacky, weird, and wonderful characters that you’ll come to love throughout its 30+ hour story. One of these characters is the Fat Chocobo, which is a massive bird that doubles as a Summon that can be used in battle. However, actually unlocking the Fat Chocobo Materia is easier said than done as it not only requires you to use the Assess Materia a lot, but you’ll need to defeat this monster in Chadley’s VR battle. This is easily one of the most annoying bosses in the game, especially since you won’t have a full party of three when you first unlock the battle. However, with a bit of patience and correct timing, this sizable bird will join your stable of Summons in no time.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Fat Chocobo

Unlocking the Fat Chocobo Materia Fight

To even unlock the Fat Chocobo Materia battle you’ll need to complete Battle Intel Reports 10 for Chadley. This is available once you reach Chapter 9 and are free to explore the Wall Market. Chadley can be found at the corner across from the clothing store and gym. You can find the Battle Intel Reports by opening up the Main Menu and selecting the Battle Intel tab near the top. Once the first nine are completed, you’ll gain access to the Fat Chocobo fight.

Now that that easy part is over, it’s time to actually battle Big Bird’s fatter, more obnoxious cousin.

FF7 Remake Fat Chocobo Materia

Beating the Fat Chocobo Boss

Before entering the fight we strongly recommend that you equip the Healing Materia on Aerith, as she will be your only additional Party Member during this fight. This boss is immune to pretty much every status effect and does not have an elemental weakness or strength. On paper this sounds bad, but it’s actually fairly helpful since spell damage will be your primary way of raising the Pressured meter.

When the fight begins, rush towards the boss and begin hacking away at it. Try to keep to the side or back since the Fat Chocobo will attempt to slap Cloud away from it. Continue attacking until the bird lifts itself off the ground, once this happens quickly run away as it will perform a small area of effect (AOE) attack around it. Once it lands, resume striking until a Moogle spawns above the Chocobo and throws something on the ground. After a second or two another enemy will spawn and begin attacking Cloud and Aerith. Quickly divert your attention to this enemy and kill it.

Around the same time, the Fat Chocobo has clearly had enough of your antics and begins rolling around the arena. He’s quite fast, so just block and tank the damage as Cloud instead of trying to dodge the boss. Once it’s done rolling, the Chocobo will hop up and down three times before resuming being lazy and just sitting around. After it lands, have Aerith cast Arcane Wand on Cloud to create a small area where all his spells cast are copied. Quickly use your most powerful damage dealing spell in the pool of energy Aerith makes. A Level 2 spell such as Fira will fill up almost half of the Chocobo’s Pressured gauge. If you’ve been diligent about attacking this bird then you should either Stagger or be very close to Staggering it.

FF7 Remake Fat Chocobo Materia

After its Staggered, use Aerith to barrage the Chocobo with damage elemental spells while Cloud bashes away with different sword abilities. Do not use your Summon here, as tempting as it may be. Keep this process up until the Chocobo reaches half health and begins hurling comically large bombs at you. Do not let these hit you as they not only knock Cloud back but will deal a ton of damage to anyone around them. The Chocobo will throw out three bombs before resuming its normal attack pattern of slapping, hopping, and rolling. By itself the Chocobo is quite simple, your main problem will be that Moogle who is constantly spawning enemies into the arena.

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the additional monsters in this fight, so use your Summon when there are a lot of enemies attempting to kill you. Ifrit is especially good for this fight since he will draw attention away from you and take out most of the low-level foes by himself. When he’s out, focus your attacks back on the Fat Chocobo, using a combination of Aerith’s Arcane Wand and elemental spells. Don’t be afraid to back off and heal if things are getting too chaotic. Just don’t lose focus on killing the boss, otherwise, you’ll be swiftly killed by the infinitely spawning foes.

After defeating this boss you’ll be given the Fat Chocobo Materia for free and can now equip this Summon to any Party Member.