FFXIV Eureka Orthos Rewards Guide – All Known Exclusive Rewards

Want to collect everything Eureka Orthos has to offer? Here are all of the exclusive rewards.

As with any new FFXIV activity, Eureka Orthos comes with a whole bunch of new rewards to chase. There’s the obvious stuff like getting glamour versions of the Orthos aetherpool weapons, the materia you can buy with Orthos Aetherpool fragments, and all of the tomestones and XP you can imagine. But for many, the real reward comes from exclusive rewards and finding the Accursed Hoard and the sacks inside of them. In this guide, we’ll explain all of the mounts, minions, glamours, and more that are exclusive to Eureka Orthos.

Want to know more about Eureka Orthos in general? Head on over to our introductory guide which explains everything you need to know!

Exclusive Rewards

Some items need to be earned by turning in currency.

Aeturna Mount

The Aeturna mount (above) is the big reward for hardcore players to chase. It requires completing Eureka Orthos up to level 100 four different times. Each one will give you an Orthos Tomestone which you can trade with the Synthesis Node for one of four Enaretos accessories: Eneratos Earrings, Eneratos Necklace, Eneratos Bracelet, and Eneratos Ring. Once you have all four, talk with Koh Rabntah and you’ll earn the Vintage Vogue achievement which has Aeturna as the reward.

Eureka Orthos Weapons

You can sacrifice some of your aetherpool arm and aetherpool gear score to get Aetherpool grips which can then be turned into the Eureka Orthos weapons. Stay tuned for our dedicated guide!

Framing Kits

You can use one of those aforementioned Orthos Tomestones to get the Eneratos Framer’s Kit. For the average player, ten Orthos Aetherpool Fragments can be exchanged for the Eureka Orthos Framer’s Kit.


The Orthos Display furniture item is also available for one Orthos Tomestone.

What is the Accursed Hoard?

The Accursed Hoard is a hard to find chest are invisible and only show up if you stand on their location for a few seconds. That’s obviously difficult to do in huge dungeons, but it can happen by accident. It’s far more likely that you’ll find them by activating a Protomander of Intuition which reveals them.

Based on what floor you’re on, you’ll either get a Bronze-tinged Sack, Silver-tinged Sack, or a Gold-tinged Sack. After leaving Orthos, bring these to Valeroine in Mor Dhona (X:34.9 Y:19.1) to discover what’s inside.

Bronze-tinged Sack Rewards (Floors 1-40)

  • Allagan Barding
  • Raindrop Defense System Parasol
  • Modern Aesthetics – A Close Shave
  • The Promise of Plunder Orchestrion Roll
  • Crystal Rain Orchestrion Roll
  • Forbidden Land (Endwalker) Orchestrion Roll
  • Eureka Orthos Framer’s Kit

Silver-tinged Sack Rewards (Floors 41-70)

  • Private Pachypodium Minion
  • Gancanagh Triple Triad Card
  • Allagan Terminal Beta Furniture

Gold-tinged Sack Rewards (Floors 71-100)

  • Orthos Craklaw Mount
  • Allagan Terminal Alpha Furniture