Fallout 76 Backpack Guide – How to Unlock the Backpack

Backpacks have always been a cosmetic favorite of the Fallout community, as it adds a nice visual touche to any Vault Dweller. Thankfully, unlike the previous games where this item was modded in, backpacks are a functional piece of gear that you can wear in Fallout 76. While you are shown this item as a craftable armor piece when you first start the game, it’s actually not available until later on. Tied to a pretty lengthy quest, this is the only way to unlock the backpack even if you purchased a cosmetic overlay in the Atomic Shop.

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How to Get the Backpack Plans

To unlock the backpack you will need to complete The Order of the Tadpole quest. This is a series of lengthy missions that tasks you with a variety of different objectives such as reviving a fallen teammate, killing bugs, answering exam questions, and earning badges. For this quest, we recommend being around Level 20-30, since the second half can have you traversing more hostile parts of Appalachia.

You will get this quest from talking to the Mr. Handy Scoutmaster at the Pioneer Scout Camp in the north. Speaking to him will trigger The Order of the Tadpole quest and begin your journey for the backpack plan.  Here is a quick rundown of each step you need to complete:

  • Demonstrate Kindness – Revive a downed player with a Stimpack.
  • Demonstrate Bravery – Get a Bloatfly Gland, Tick Blood Sac, Stingwing Barb, Radroach Meat, and Bloodbug Proboscis.
  • Demonstrate Helpfulness – Pick up five toxic mutagenic wastes and deposit them in the containment barrel at the Kiddie Corner cabins.
  • Demonstrate Growth – Earn Three Pioneer Badges.

The toughest of these quest segments is Demonstrate Growth which asks you to finish three badges. This includes an exam you have to complete, along with a challenge associated with that badge. For example, if you pick the Athlete badge then you will need to run a foot course filled with deadly traps. By themselves, these challenges aren’t that bad, it’s just there’s so much to do in this quest. Again, try to be at least Level 20 before undergoing this quest as you’ll have a high chance of encountering tough foes as you journey from place to place.

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Once you actually complete the quest, speak to one of the Mr. Handy Scoutmasters to earn a free backpack, along with the knowledge of how to craft one. This is a very, very good item as it raises your carrying capacity by 10 for each level increment of 10 up to a max of 60+ at level 50. You can also mod this backpack to give it better radiation resistance, even more carrying capacity and better defensive stats. Keep in mind, the backpack does not impact your carrying capacity while in Power Armor.

When it becomes possible, I strongly suggest you prioritize getting a backpack. Not only does it look cool, but it will save you a lot of headaches when you’re trying to horde everything in you come across.