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Fall Guys Crown Shards Guide - How to Get Crown Shards

Grab your robotic arms, throw on those neon colored outfits, and bring your alien friend because Fall Guys Season 4 is here. Introducing seven new mini-games, this season is all about embracing the 1980s vision of the future. While many will be tumbling through the added shows, others will be trying out the new Squad Show which finally lets you earn rewards as a group. However, instead of just obtaining a Crown upon a victory you will earn the new Crown Shard currency. This can be a bit confusing if you don’t keep up with Fall Guys on social media or skipped passed the update news when you opened up the game. Here’s what you need to know about Crown Shards and how to obtain them.

How to Earn Crown Shards

There are two ways to earn Crown Shards — win Squad Show matches or complete Daily Challenges. Winning a game of Squad Show will net you 20 Crown Shards, while Daily Challenges offer about a dozen. You will need a total of 60 Crown Shards to make a single Crown. This sounds like a lot, but Squad Show is much easier to win than any of the solo modes since you can also rely on your three teammates. Regardless if you’re the last one alive or one of your allies, so long as your Squad wins you’ll be the team to earn the Crown Shards.

As for Daily Challenges, these can range in difficulty such as winning a Squad Show or reaching a specific round while in a party with friends. Since you only have 24 hours to complete a Daily Challenge, make sure to check back frequently to see what new tasks await you. These can be a great way to gather additional Crown Shards if you’re struggling to win a Squad Show game.

Fall Guys Crown Shards

For the unfamiliar, Squad Show allows you to group up with three other players via matchmaking with random users or inviting buddies to your lobby. Once in a mode, you will be sent through the typical gauntlet of different shows in an attempt to qualify each round. However, now you have three allies who are also trying to qualify and can assist you during matches. Upon finishing a mini-game your squad is awarded points for how many players either complete or survive during a show. These points determine your placement among the other squads, with those scoring the lowest being disqualified. Even if you’re eliminated during a round, it’s possible for your team to qualify which will bring you back in the next show.

Your goal is to reach the final mode and ensure that one of your squad mates end up grabbing the crown. If you manage to win, you will earn a decent amount of experience, Kudos, and 20 Crown Shards. Getting eliminated early will not reward you with any Crown Shards, so make sure to go for the gold every time! You can check how many Crown Shards you have by going to the Main Menu and selecting the Show Selector tab. This will display your earned Crown Shards in the top right corner.

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