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Elden Ring Lenne's Rise Guide - How to Get Inside the Tower

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In Elden Ring, Lenne’s Rise might give more players pause than other such towers scattered throughout the game. Most mage spires give you a very simple, direct task: “Seek three wise beasts” or something similar. Lenne’s Rise is unique in that its puzzle instructions are broken. Someone or something broken the tablet that would usually trigger the puzzle to let you in past the blue, sealed door. Why this is the case becomes clear once you get inside, but first you actually need to solve a different sort of puzzle. That’s what this guide is for! Let’s take a look at the specific strategy for getting inside the tower of Lenne’s Rise in Elden Ring.

Thankfully, this is far and away one of the easiest towers to enter in the game (even if the solution is a bit less obvious). You just need to jump.

Specifically, you need Torrent to jump. The Spectral Steed is the only being that can make use of the nearby Spirit Spring to leap up and on top of a specific part of Lenne’s Rise. One of these wind geysers can be found just to the west of Lenne’s Rise itself. Though it won’t take you directly where you need to go, it will get you into position to enter the rest of the building and claim the memory slot inside. This is great for casters — both incantation users and sorcerers — and requires very little work.

Just jump on your spectral steed, ride them onto the spring, and point towards the southern end of the structure. Your target is the low, pyramid-shaped roof behind the front of the building. From there you can hop down onto a small balcony shown in the first image below.

elden ring lenne's rise guide

elden ring lenne's rise

Be care with the Spirit Spring, though. Torrent (and in effect your Tarnished) are immune to fall damage on the way back down from using the super-jump. However, you have complete control over which direction you jump and where you land. That includes onto places you shouldn’t be. Lenne’s Rise is covered in tricky angles that will cause you to slip and fall (even to your death). You should try to land on the square rooftop shown above, in the second picture. After that just hop off your not-a-horse and drop onto the balcony.

Once you’re inside Lenne’s Rise, there are two paths. The one leading down — in the direction of the sealed door — houses a single Arcane Ball of Faces. These are those floating masses of Burger King heads you can encounter in a number of locations throughout Elden Ring. This one doesn’t drop anything of value, though. It seems present more for lore reasons than anything. Somebody decided to seal the ball up inside Lenne’s Rise rather than deal with it directly, perhaps.

The second path leads up a staircase. This the route to take. It’ll lead you to the top of Lenne’s Rise and provide that valuable memory slot.

That’s all there is to it! Just try not to take any fall damage while you’re dialing in the right angle to get onto the building. Best of luck out there.

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