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Elden Ring Comet Spell Guide - Where to Find the Comet Spell

Developer FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is finally available! Set in a gorgeously haunting setting, this dark fantasy blends together the backbreaking brutality the studio is known for with the open-world freedom of titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Players are free to explore dungeons, battle bosses, complete side quests, or just roam the countryside on their trusty steed.

If you’re a magic-user like me, then you will definitely want some more powerful spells. While the early game can be a bit tricky, once you beat the first mandatory boss, Godrick the Grafted, you’ll be able to access the academy in Liurnia. This school of magic has a bunch of terrific spells for mages, one of which is called Comet. However, it’s easy to miss if you aren’t reading the notes left by players, so here’s where to find it.

Elden Ring Comet Spell Location

How to Get Comet

In order to get the Comet spell, you will need to first make your way into the academy. This place is a mandatory location and filled with magical enemies. Once you arrive, fight your way through the academy graveyard until you reach the second main Site of Grace, School Classroom. From School Classroom, go up the small staircase and head right.

Down the hall, there will be three enemies wearing big masks who I will refer to as scholars. Since these enemies are resistant to basic magic, you will want to close the gap, use a bow, or try gravity/fire spells on them. I recommend backstabbing the one walking down the hallway for a quick kill before rushing the other two casting magic. You will need to zig-zag if they are casting their Glintstone Shard attacks. Otherwise, you’ll definitely be hit.

Going up the stairs, you’ll run into another large group of enemies, including a large pot monster in the corner directly to your left. The key to surviving this part is to either poke the pot and pull it away from the group or spam long-range attacks at the scholars before moving in to fight. You do not want to just rush into this room, as they will easily surround you and possibly stunlock you with Glintstone Shards.

Elden Ring Comet Spell Location

Once everything in this room is dead, use a ranged attack to draw away the one sword-wielding scholar in the middle of the next room. Kill this foe and then head up the stairs to deal with the last two scholars roaming around the room. At the top of the stairs, you will see a boss room — but don’t go into it yet. Instead, turn to your left and slash the wall (where my arrow is pointing above) to reveal a hidden path.

I know, I’m shocked they actually exist too!

Now follow the hidden path into a large library with a chest in the center. There are no enemies or traps, so just open the chest to obtain the comet spell. Remember, you need 52 Intellect to even use this ability. So if you’ve been mainlining the core story, there’s a chance you cannot use this spell right now. If that’s the case, just go complete some dungeons or grind out runes until your Intellect is high enough.

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